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FW: www.GenTeam.at - about 150.000 new Date entries/17,500 Users

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  • Max Heffler
    www.GenTeam.at - about 150.000 new Date entries/17,500 Users Vienna, October 07, 2012 New at GenTeam 1 New database: General Index of all birth records
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2012

      www.GenTeam.at   - about 150.000 new Date entries/17,500 Users



      Vienna, October 07, 2012



      New at GenTeam

      1      New database: General Index of all birth records of Vienna between

              1585 and 1900.

              cooperation with Viennese Parish offices

              about 80.000 records online now

      2      about 70.000 new indices of Catholic matrices from Lower and Upper Austria.


      In Our Own Interest:

      With today’s new online databases, the users now have more than 7.2 million entries at their disposal.  Since January 2010, more than 17,500 users have registered with GenTeam.  Aproximately 80% of all users turn regularly to the databases and use them several times a month for their research.


      I would like to express here my gratitude to all who have furnished data to GenTeam in the last 34 months or have worked on long-term projects, but I also would like to thank those who have invisibly supported the build-up and the successful functioning of GenTeam.


      Also the GenTeam Mailing List is being frequented nationally and internationally by more than 1,150 participants with questions for their personal research. Mails can be written in English as well as in German. Take advantage of this opportunity and register!



      All databases of GenTeam are free of any charge. GenTeam is a non-profit organization, and not bound on any membership fees.  GenTeam is a group of historians and genealogist, who work independently or as a team on databases and who furnish these databases free of charge to hobbyists and other researchers. 


      1)     New Project Vienna: General Index of all Birth/baptism records

      between 1585 and 1900

              now about 80.000 records online



              During the 19th Century, about 3,5 million people came to Vienna from all lands of the Habsburg Dual-Monarchie. In 1910, Vienna had a population of about 2.1 Million inhabitants; at this time, Vienna was the 6th largest City of the world! Nearly all familes have familiar connections in this City.

              Between 1784 and 1900 aproximatly 8 Million children are born in Vienna. Till today, no central birth register exists – except the birth records of the Jewish Community, which you can find at www.GenTeam.at since many months.


              Now we began to make such an index, in cooperation with Viennese parish offices. Today, a complete index of the parish St. Josef ob der Laimgrube in disctict 6 in Vienna is online – about 52.000 records – as well as about 30.000 record of some years of the parishes St. Karl Borromäus (district 4), Altlerchenfeld (7), Währing (18), Schottenfeld (7), Sankt Ulrich (7), Sankt Peter (1), Sankt Michael (1), Sankt Josef (2), Sankt Augustin (1), Rennweg (3), Mariatreu (8), Landstraße (3) and Hofburg (1). Further indices are in progress.


      I invite you to work on this index too. Travels are not necessary. If you are interested, please, contact me at kontakt@....


      2)     New Indices extracted from Roman Catholic Matrices (Vital Statistics):


      Entries from Catholic Matrices from Lower and Upper Austria were added. Therefore, researchers now have about 1.5 million entries at their disposal.


      Indices were added from:

      Lower Austria:

      Gmünd, Griesbach, Harbach, Kapelln, Karlstetten, Ottenschlag, Vitis, Weitra

      Upper Austria:  

      Grünbach, Maria Neustift, Rainbach, Sierning


      I would like to express my cordial thanks to Ursula Baldemaier, Martina Gelbmann, Reinhart John, Veronika und Kurt Jüthner, Adolf Leutgeb, Marta Melchart, Franz Spevacek, Judith Starke, Mireille Trauner und Theodora Winkler.


      I also would like to thank especially the “Heraldische Genealogische Gesellschaft Adler” (Heraldic Genealogic Association Adler), who furnished GenTeam the Josef-Heider-Indices from the Mühlviertel/Upper Austria.  




      I would be delighted if you too could furnish your database to all researchers free of charge, and I invite you to cooperate with GenTeam. I gladly will be available to you any time at kontakt@... for further information.

      I also request that you forward this information to other Genealogical Lists, interested Individuals or Archives.



      Sincerely yours,


      Felix Gundacker

      Professional Genealogist

      Pantzergasse 30/8

      A-1190 WIEN

      Tel = 0043 676 40 11 059

      email: kontakt@...

      Profession: www.ihff.at

      Datenbases: www.GenTeam.at


      „Connecting genealogists“


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