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FW: FHL numbers & ordering

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  • Max Heffler
    Attached: FHL order form for individual photocopies of record images Since there has been some mention of finding LDS, i.e., Family History Library (FHL} film
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2011

    Attached: FHL order form for individual photocopies of record images


    Since there has been some mention of finding LDS, i.e., Family History Library (FHL} film and image numbers and ordering record photocopies, here's a very informal outline--

    Concerning the film and item numbers for the Jewish records from the L'viv archive, people have pointed out that they have been posted online here and there. They can also be found on the Family History Library (FHL) website (Google -  Family History Library Catalog). Someone explained how to do it (for New York City records) in the GesherGalicia Discussion Group a few years back.

    A person can arrange to view and copy images from a film at a center, or (less well known) can order a few individual record photocopies (by mail or fax, $2 each if ordering more than one at a time). The online FHL material includes a printable form to use for individual-record orders. I've ordered batches of individual records several times. They have always tried to be helpful, and there is no charge if they can't find the requested record.

    To find the film and item numbers in the FHL catalog (very informally) --

         (or Google - Family History Library Catalog)
    Click  "Place Search"  at the top of the choices on the right-hand side.
    Enter  the name of the town in the Place box.

         (Polish or Ukrainian [or German or Russian] usually works.)

         (If you get a no-results message, try a different language.)

         (With these records, it's usually best to leave the "Part of" box empty.)

    Click the item that looks most likely (e.g., it's in desired region and country)

         (If necessary, try again--for instance, if it's only church records)
    Click an item that mentions "Jewish records"

    Click  "Metrical books . . ."
    Click  "View Film Notes"  in box near upper right corner

    Read until you find the desired record-type (Birth, Death...) and Year(s)

         When you've found the item of interest -

         Carefully copy all the information on that line,

         including Vol., Film, Item and any other numbers & words.


    That was just to get the needed numbers.

    Mail or fax ordering information is elsewhere on the FHL site--

    Downloadable order form with instructions:


    Or go back to where you began and look for tabs & links --

    Library, Family History Library, Services,

    Ordering Copies by Mail - ...Request for Photocopies...,

    Requests for Photocopies - Census, Books, Microfilm...,

    Download the Printable (PDF) Version,

    & follow the instructions.

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