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Fw: [iajgs] USHMM and Ancestry.com Launch World Memory Project

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      Subject: [iajgs] USHMM and Ancestry.com Launch World Memory Project

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      The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Ancestry.com announced on
      May 3 that they launched the World Memory Project creating the largest
      online resource of information on victims of holocaust and Nazi persecution.
      The world memory project ( www.WorldMemoryProject.org) will recruit the
      public to help build the online resource for information on Jewish victims
      of the holocaust and the millions of non-Jews who were targeted for
      persecution by Nazi Germany and its collaborators. Individuals world wide
      are encouraged to register and become a contributor. Ancestry.com
      contributors have already indexed over 30,000 Museum archival documents that
      will soon be searchable at no cost by users around the globe.

      The World Memory Project will utilize proprietary software and project
      management donated by Ancestry.com, which hosts its own online archival
      project to expand its transcribed records collections. Once transcribed, the
      indices will be hosted exclusively on Ancestry.com and permanently free to
      search. The Museum will also provide copies of documents to survivors and
      their families at no cost. The original documentation will remain in the
      Museum's archival collection.

      For more information see the press release available
      original url:
      Also more about the project is posted at:

      Jan Meisels Allen
      IAJGS Director-at-Large
      Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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