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FW: Please VOTE NOW for video on Jewish Genealogy

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  • Max Heffler
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2010
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      > Subject: Please VOTE NOW for video on Jewish Genealogy
      > From: "Ellen Shindelman Kowitt" <grapevynwest@...>
      > Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 20:20:30 -0700
      > X-Message-Number: 1
      > As part of a larger project to update the website of the Jewish
      > Genealogical
      > Society of Colorado (not finished yet), we created a video about what
      > Jewish
      > genealogy research is, why we do it and how to begin. Although, it's a low
      > budget production, we think it's inspiring, and we hope you do too.
      > We need your vote in a grass roots video contest that I was entered into
      > as
      > the producer and interviewer for the video. It will take you less than 8
      > minutes to view the "Connecting to Your Roots" video and VOTE.
      > If the video wins any final position 1st-5th place, it will be announced
      > at
      > the Jewlicious Festival (largest Jewish Student and Young Adult Festival
      > in
      > the world) in southern California Feb. 19-21st - what a great plug that
      > would be for the entire JGS/IAJGS/JewishGen world of Jewish genealogists!
      > In order to vote, please click on the following link to be taken directly
      > to
      > the video:
      > www.leadel.net/jews-that-do-contest/videos/connecting-your-roots

      > When you vote, be sure to click on all 5 points on the voting scale.
      > I promised any prize we might win to our website designer/film editor Ad
      > Vogele, so there's not much in it for me other than helping to promote
      > what
      > we do locally as a nonprofit organization as well as to further the
      > pursuit
      > of doing Jewish genealogy worldwide.
      > Please forward this video link onto your JGS members. ASK THEM TO VOTE! We
      > are the only video entered in this particular contest with a genealogy
      > theme.
      > Thanks,
      > Ellen Shindelman Kowitt
      > President, Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado
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