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RE: [GenshardsII] Re: Ancestry World Archives Project

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  • Max Heffler
    At Seven Acres - See the calendar at http://www.texsys.com/ghjgs/ From: GenshardsII@yahoogroups.com [mailto:GenshardsII@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Diana
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 26, 2009

      At Seven Acres - See the calendar at http://www.texsys.com/ghjgs/



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      When  and where is your next meeting?


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      Subject: RE: [GenshardsII] Re: Ancestry World Archives Project
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      You can do this from your home.




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      This is my first post to this group... I am a librarian in Katy and would like to help with the World Archives Project.

      Can I work at my own pace from home? I could give at least 2 hours a week.

      --- In GenshardsII@ yahoogroups. com, "Max Heffler" <max@...> wrote:
      > I plan to briefly discuss this at tomorrow night's meeting:
      > http://community. ancestry. com/wap/download .aspx
      > About the Ancestry.com World Archives Project
      > The Ancestry.com World Archives Project gives people everywhere a unique
      > chance to help save the world's historical records - millions that might
      > otherwise be lost. Anyone can participate by accessing record images in our
      > system and entering relevant names, dates and other facts to make the
      > information searchable online.
      > As part of the Ancestry.com World Archives Project:
      > * All indexes will remain free to the public on Ancestry.com.
      > * Ancestry.com will donate copies of record indexes and images from the
      > project to partnering government archives and genealogy societies.
      > * Images and indexes from the project will be available for free to
      > patrons at thousands of subscribing libraries across the U.S.
      > * Ancestry.com will provide free advertising to partnering genealogy
      > societies.
      > And coming soon:
      > * Active contributors will be able to vote on which records the project
      > indexes next.
      > Currently, active contributors are participants who help index 900+
      > records per quarter.
      > * Active contributors will receive free access to original images in the
      > project's databases. Those who already subscribe to Ancestry.com will be
      > eligible for a discount on renewal.
      > --
      > Web sites I manage -Personal home page, After Hours Band (I play keyboards),
      > Gesher Galicia, Greater Houston Jewish Genealogical Society, Woodside Civic
      > Club, Skala, Ukraine Shtetlink, Joniskelis, Lithuania Shtetlink, and pet
      > volunteer project - Yizkor book project: www.texsys.com/ websites. html


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