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553FW: November 11th talk at the Jewish Historical Society of New York, and other items

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  • Max Heffler
    Nov 8, 2012

    Ø  I recently discovered an interesting resource on the internet, a work in
    progress, name searchable version of the 1926 Polish Declarations of
    Admiration and Friendship for the United States book which contains the
    signatures of Polish schoolchildren many of which are Jewish.

    It can be found at the following website:


    In the first field (no name) you can type a last name and click on the
    Wyszukaj button to search on the name. The check box (dokladnie)
    should be left unchecked (to avoid having to enter diacritics) for the
    last name you are searching.

    Mark Steinberg
    Vancouver, Canada=