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Blue-Eyed "lutino" phenotype IRN???

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  • Tintin_Montreal@hotmail.com
    Hey everyone, again another question regarding lutino phenotype but this one of an IRN. I would like to know (the owner as well) what mutation it might be.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2001
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      Hey everyone,
      again another question regarding "lutino" phenotype but this one
      of an IRN. I would like to know (the owner as well) what mutation it
      might be. Am I right to think about a possible dark-eyed-yellow IRN???

      This is copied from an actual post on some Asiatic/Ringneck
      parakeet`s chat board on Up@Six with the permission of the person who
      posted of course;

      «The older, yellow ringneck does not have ruby or red eyes.
      Her eyes are light, light blue or white, with darker light blue
      around the dark brown center. She is 2 years old, and very vocal... I
      would like to know if any readers have information about non-lutino
      yellow ringnecks...»

      «...Buttercup's feet are not quite pink, more horn color. Her
      toes are clear, because I can see through the nail to the flesh. Her
      2 middle tail feathers are much lighter yellow than the rest of her,
      and pick up the canary yellow from the rest of her. She looks the
      same color, unless closely observed. Some of her wing feathers are
      white, or white on one half, and yellow on the other side...

      I have compared her to lutino ringnecks, and she looks very much
      like one, but her eyes are blue, and she has various shades of yellow
      all around her body. The brightest yellow is on her butt and head. I
      breed canaries, and she is mostly canary yellow...

      She's not the same deep yellow as a lutino, but as definately
      yellow as a Hartz Mountain canary... Her tail feathers start bright
      yellow, then taper down to a soft, creamy off white. Her nest mate,
      owned by a friend of a friend, is identical to her...

      She has no green feathers at all. Her cere, or nose area is also
      clear, as I can see the red/orange beak under it. I would like her to
      pass on her unusual color, but we have many years to do that,
      hopefully. When I take pix, I'll post them. I just got them 2 days
      ago, and am already in love. Thanks for your wellwishes, Geol & Fids

      Ruby Eyes Aviary,
      Stéphane aka Tintin.
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