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Re: [GenesisRadio] CW TX delay in a G40

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  • Bruce KF1Z
    Yes, I think all normal...? I don t use CW, so, I really don t know for sure.. On the power output... Yes, go to Setup Transmit... check the box TX IF
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 19, 2013
      Yes, I think all normal...?
      I don't use CW, so, I really don't know for sure..
      On the power output...
      Yes, go to Setup > Transmit...
      check the box "TX IF Shift"
      Make sure IF shift below that is set to at LEAST 5000hz ( default is 11025 which is good)
      From: CX8AT
      Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 7:51 AM
      Subject: Re: [GenesisRadio] CW TX delay in a G40

      Thank you Bruce

      I found that the cause of that tx delay was my buffer size, it was to big .
      I tried with different setups and found that with a sample rate of
      96kHz I may go as high as 1024 samples (and NOT higher) of buffer size.

      I did found another two annoying problems:
      The first one is when I change any setup It seems that the software
      loose its latency value for a while so the audio start wobbling and
      after any change and the setup windows close everything gets ok again.
      Is this normal?

      The second one is when in 192 sample rate, the sound card output is
      lower at the higher end, for example at 192kHz , LO 7046kHz, I get 8w
      (using RD16HHF1) almost up to 7100 but starting there the output start
      getting lower until i get 1w at 7125 and higher ┬┐is this caused by the
      audio card response? or I missed something at the setup I should take
      care of?

      I am using a I5 (2.9gHz) notebook with W7 64b, 8Gb ram, GSDR 64bit, E-mu


      Bruce KF1Z wrote:

      > see if this helps...
      > *From:* AL
      *Sent:* Monday, February 11, 2013 4:23 PM
      > *To:*
      href="mailto:GenesisRadio%40yahoogroups.com">mailto:GenesisRadio%40yahoogroups.com mailto:GenesisRadio%40yahoogroups.com>
      *Subject:* [GenesisRadio] CW TX delay in a G40
      Hi there
      > I have been working with my G40 (now it has a case!) and it is
      a very
      > hot receiver. However I have encountered some TX complications
      > can't find a solution to.
      > The problem when in cw
      is that there is a delay when transmitting. If
      > I key down, first you
      get a output of about 1Watt for near a second
      > (or less) and after that
      the full output (near 8W) no mater how many
      > times you try.
      > I
      have checked that the signal in the input of the TX buffer has the
      > same
      behavior. Thinking that this should be a software delay I have
      > tried
      several setups without any luck and the only thing that make
      > this less
      noticeable was select on Setup>Audio QSK--> ON, but the
      > delay is
      still there.
      > Anyone there with an idea as to how to eliminate this or at
      > reduce more this effect ???
      > I am using a Samsung notebook
      with an I5 processor (2.9Ghz) with 8GB
      > of ram and OS is W7. The audio
      card is a E-MU 0204. The same problem
      > using my table PC (same speed and
      2GB Ram) with XP and a PCI Asus
      > Xonar D!
      > Al
      > CX8AT

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