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For MF / LF operators [ YT7PWR please read: QRSS request ]

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  • VK2DX
    Here is a link to a very handy signal generator which may be of great use for LF/MF Genesis users.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2013
      Here is a link to a very handy signal generator which may be of great use for LF/MF Genesis users.
      I got one form above seller in less than 10 days for $38, including a free delivery.
      This particular model is 0-5 MHz (other freq. available, but not from this seller).
      The output is 10V pp or 5Vpp terminated to 50 Ohm, sine, square and triangle wave.
      It can be used as a small QRSS  beacon (you would need to attach keyer and build simple keying unit).
      Connecting the output directly 630m antenna I have received 3 reports as far as 120km on a ground wave during the day.
      The estimated ERP was under 3mW !!
      Keep in mind that out of box accuracy would be +/-  5-10 Hz so it should not be used to calibrate your Genesis radio, however
      once you work out error and offset the dial freq, the output signal is extremely stable. My sign gen stays within 1Hz for hours.
      Great unit for image rejection adjustment, and even more importantly great driver for high power MF transmitter.
      By the way, my G11- 630m is now on air for 3 weeks receiving and sending WSPR, most of the time 24/7 at 10W output
      Actually it goes off only when QRN is unbearable or when antenna is required to test other transmitters.
      Despite low activity in VK, reports have been received from 17 different stations with ODX 2,100 Km.
      The new MF alocation @ 630m is god-given band for experimenters!
      I have to say that after seeing numerous and various attempts by fellow MF enthusiasts who are trying to get on air with on all modes (including WSPR-15
      which requires 15 continuous TX sequence with abolsutely no drift) that G11 is the only radio which will allow
      absolutely access to band, unparalleled stability and great receiver for just a few hundred dollars.
      Sadly, majority of amateurs are stubbornly holding to the last century technology, but for SDR owners MF is too easy :-)
      My only request is for Goran to add slower speed QRSS (QRSS10, 60 and 120) setting which is really needed fro weak signal on MF/LF
      73 Nick VK2DX
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