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Re: GSDR update

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  • Goran
    Signal Generator is for audio sound card testing, not radio. Use CW signal as signal generator. 73 yt7pwr
    Message 1 of 521 , Apr 2, 2012
      Signal Generator is for audio sound card testing, not radio. Use CW signal as signal generator.

      73 yt7pwr

      > Goran,
      > thank you for the IMD test modification.
      > Can you do the same for the Signal Generator IN & OUT?
      > 73 John TI4/N0URE
    • kd0jht
      I knew you were going to say not a precise definition as soon as I uploaded my reply, LOL! My graphics card I robbed from an old Dell Pentium 4 when I built
      Message 521 of 521 , Nov 28, 2013

        I knew you were going to say "not a precise definition" as soon as I uploaded my reply, LOL!

        My graphics card I robbed from an old Dell Pentium 4 when I built this computer, always planning to "upgrade" in the future...I can't remember what it is, but it gives Windows Experience of 3.7!!! Horrible!!! I need a new graphics card anyway.

        Thank you for suggesting deleting file picDisplay.png, it took my CPU usage back down to 12% or less. 

        Thank you for all you help, and the new X64 software is running very well.

        DE NCØQ Tim 

        ---In GenesisRadio@yahoogroups.com, <yt7pwr@...> wrote:

        Well, "pretty old"  is not precise definition. I use ATI 3650/512MB DDR2 in dual monitor configuration. For today standard this card is "pretty old" but for Windows 2D and light 3D is fast enough (in Win7 performance index 5.1 for 2D and 6.1 for 3D, not bad but not for gaming).
        On the first GSDR run you can see old, classic PowerSDR look which is also Skin but without Panadapter background. Try to erase file picDisplay.png from the .Skin\Console folder to reduce overall CPU usage.

        73 yt7pwr

        ---In GenesisRadio@yahoogroups.com, <kd0jht@...> wrote:


        I installed the latest 2_0_12 version, and configured from scratch. Thank you, it runs like a scalded cat! I am very happy now, good work!

        Question: At first, before I changed the skin and other aspects of appearance, CPU usage was around 6%, but after I got everything the way I liked it, it was creeping up to around 20% at times...I am using a pretty old graphics card with low specs...if I got a good graphics card, would this help the CPU? 

        Thanks again! 

        DE Tim NC0Q

        ---In GenesisRadio@yahoogroups.com, <yt7pwr@...> wrote:

        Crash should be fixed:


        - database is compatible with 32bit version but not 100% with old 64 bit release. You can try GSDR with old database;

        - WASAPI settings must be changed within Windows sound system;

        I just tested G6 reception, 192KHz/24bit, DirectX video driver with FPS 30+ and CPU usage is 20-30% on old AMD X2 4000+ (good propagation on 40m from EU to SouthEast Asia).

        73 yt7pwr

        ---In GenesisRadio@yahoogroups.com, <kd0jht@...> wrote:


        Now I am actually at the radio instead of trying to use my memory and generate garbage messages from my iphone. I will quit doing that, sorry.

        CPU usage is right around 20%. Using DirectX.

        I tried setting FPS to 15 and that did help a little, the band buttons work properly now, but I am still getting audio clicks and glitches. Eventually it starts chopping really badly.

        I changed the audio driver to WASAPI and that helped even more...now I only get clicks and glitches, no chopping yet after 1/2 hour of running the radio, but if I try to change the sample rate (from 96 kHz to 48 kHz) or any other value, the program crashes. If I try to restart the program, and start the radio without changing sample rate back to 96 kHz, the program crashes again.

        I don't know what I'm doing wrong...perhaps I need to start all over. Would there be a problem with moving my database file to the V2.0.11 program folder from the GSDR64V1.0 folder? Would it be best if I started from scratch?

        The old GSDR64V1.0 runs smooth as silk, except the SWR meter doesn't work because of the hardware "update" :)



        ---In genesisradio@yahoogroups.com, <yt7pwr@...> wrote:

        How big is CPU usage? What video driver is used? Button paint issue indicates high FPS for main display (usually 13-15 is enough).

        73 yt7pwr

        ---In GenesisRadio@yahoogroups.com, <kd0jht@...> wrote:

        I take that back, running with 4800 sample rate doesn't help at all. Sorry for lying.


        ---In genesisradio@yahoogroups.com, <kd0jht@...> wrote:

        I know you're busy with other things so I don't expect you to make this a priority...The x64 GSDR now loads up and runs, but the band buttons don't light up like they're supposed to (they light up, but AFTER you switch bands...sometimes more than one will be lit...no big deal really...) and the other thing is...my audio starts to chatter and stutter really bad after about 30 seconds, as if my buffer size/sample rate/latency are not set properly.

        With the previous version of x64, I ran Buffer 2048, Sample Rate 9600, Latency at default 50 ms.

        Using Emu 0204 with ASIO driver.

        Using these same settings doesn't work? I have lowered my sample rate to 4800 and that seems to do okay, but I sure liked having it larger for the wider RX panafall...

        Thanks for your time,

        Tim NCØQ

        ---In genesisradio@yahoogroups.com, <yt7pwr@...> wrote:

        Sorry but archive was not complete. I uploaded again:

        73 yt7pwr

        ---In GenesisRadio@yahoogroups.com, <kf1z@...> wrote:

        me too.
        the program will not run
        Sent: Saturday, November 23, 2013 7:34 PM
        Subject: [GenesisRadio] RE: GSDR update

        I was very excited to see the new 64 bit version of GSDR because I assumed it had the SWR meter fixed. I unpacked it into a new folder and attempted to run it.

        The following error box pops up:


        "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you flick continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately.


        Method not found: 'Boolean GenesisG6.G6.OnDeviceChange



        If I click continue, it just pops right back up over and over again and so on.


        I attempted unpacking into my existing 64 bit folder with similar results. (I know, it says full install, but I tried anyway.)


        The reason why I think I would prefer to run the 64 bit version is because it seems less resource-hungry than the 32 bit version. Ever since I reverted to the 32 bit version, I can't run any more than 48 khz wide without buffer overrun issues (after about 20 seconds the RX starts to chatter and chop), the panafall graphics are not as high a resolution as I am used to seeing, and a few other weird issues. Also I have Win7 64 bit.


        AMD FX 4100 Quad-Core

        8 GB RAM

        64-bit Windows 7



        ---In GenesisRadio@yahoogroups.com, <yt7pwr@...> wrote:

        GSDR 32 bit update:
        GSDR 64 bit complete installation:

        - CW signal generation bug fix: sudden power drop during TUN function or any other strange CW signal anomaly;
        - band edges are taken from BandLimits table and can be customized;
        - added Scope color selection: Setup->Display->Scope mode;
        - faster switch between Panascope or Panafall and Scope,Pnadapter,Phase,Waterfall or History in  DirectX mode;
        - various bug fixes;

        73 yt7pwr
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