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20936GP 10 Production

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    Sep 1, 2014
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       Hi Folks,


      I may have missed the boat on the last round of GP10 Amplifier's on offer for my G59 Kit. 

      I have sent a few emails to Bruce - he may be overwhealmed right now. 


      Curious to know if there is likely to be more (GP10's) produced or if not (understand if parts are difficult to get ahold of etc.) time for next run is not critical I am trying to work it all out before commencing the kit build so I know how to lay things out and what "customisation" I will do to the board. Painful perhaps but the less the soldering iron touches a board the better off is it's life... 


      Should the answer be not in the forseeable future, can someone reccommend an alternate amplifyer kit.

      Finding an "In Production" linear amp HF+6M kit seems to be somewhat illusive to me at the moment. Lot's of potentials but alas all seem to be out of production or the input gain does not get the kit to full output. Maybe I have not turned over enough rocks yet...


      Any advise most welcome.


      Ron VK4AHL