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20867RTL-SDR with upconverter: how to compensate the frequency offset?

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  • hb9ajg
    Aug 16 3:32 AM



      I tried Genesis with my RTL2832 dongle and first did not get any audio. By marking "Enable VAC as Mic/Speaker device" under Audio > Sound Card, I now get audio (I do not have a VAC installed, though). Sample rates up to 2.4Msps work ok. A very nice SDR program, thank you guys!

      I am using an upconverter that shifts frequencies from 0-30MHz up to 125-155MHz. So the next problem I ran into was how to compensate the shift of 125MHz such that the VFO-frequency indicated corresponds to the actual frequency received. Does anybody know how to do that?

      tnx es 73 de Walter HB9AJG