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20853Re: [GenesisRadio] G59 troublshooting stage 3

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  • Ervan
    Aug 14, 2014

      I was more  concerned earlier. since I has forgot install R7N and R8N.. I did some research and found K5RD notes .. I mention this because it helped me by alerting my attention to this ...

      and it throws the  amp and IC2G and IC3G voltages off..

      I am still concerned about pin one voltage .. and my counter is not triggering right so I can't measure the frequency.. But how far off can it be with a crystal controlling it ... I did try to put my old scope on it but it would not sync to measure the period... oh well off to the next phase

      Thanks for your earlier response...

      On 8/14/2014 2:05 PM, 'Bruce KF1Z' kf1z@... [GenesisRadio] wrote:

      looks ok to me.....
      Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 10:50 AM
      Subject: [GenesisRadio] G59 troublshooting stage 3


      I need some help ! I am not getting what I am suppose to have....verified components installed OK ..(any suggestions on flux cleaner, I think I need something better)

      Stage 3 strange voltage on pin1 of Si Labs 570

      here is what I have on SiLabs 570

          pin 1-  3.2 v

          pin 2-  3.2v

          pin 3-   0

          pin 4- 1.19v

          pin 5- 1.19v

          pin 6-  3.2v

          pin 7- 3.28v

          pin 8- 3.28v

      on R5G  Left to Right  3.22v,  3.3v

      I have had experience putting this same chip in in the past with no problems could I have another component in wrong .. I did look it all over but I could have missed something... any Ideas...

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