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20846G59 troublshooting stage 3

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  • kc4bje
    Aug 14, 2014


      I need some help ! I am not getting what I am suppose to have....verified components installed OK ..(any suggestions on flux cleaner, I think I need something better)

      Stage 3 strange voltage on pin1 of Si Labs 570

      here is what I have on SiLabs 570

          pin 1-  3.2 v

          pin 2-  3.2v

          pin 3-   0

          pin 4- 1.19v

          pin 5- 1.19v

          pin 6-  3.2v

          pin 7- 3.28v

          pin 8- 3.28v

      on R5G  Left to Right  3.22v,  3.3v

      I have had experience putting this same chip in in the past with no problems could I have another component in wrong .. I did look it all over but I could have missed something... any Ideas...

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