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1Help / Assembly pictorial Phase 1-3 now online

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  • vk1aa
    Mar 31, 2009
      Dear ham friends,

      thank you for joining GenseisRadio Yahoo group.

      Let me introduce myself: my name is Nick Hacko, VK1AA.
      I am 44 years old, married and father of 11 years old Josh VK2FJDX.
      In my real life I run watch business which is located in Sydney, Australia.
      This is what brings food on table:-)
      However my real passion is ham radio and since recently
      kit production.

      Few weeks ago I got in touch with Mr. Sinisa Tasic - better know
      as Tasa, YU1LM. Tasa is an electronic / telecommunication engineer,
      published author and pioneer in SDR technology,
      well known and highly respected among his peers.
      Since 2006 number of his SDR QRP receivers, transmitters and transceivers were built by ham worldwide.

      In January this year Tasa was kind enough to allow
      commercial production for one of his SDR transceivers.
      The plan was to offer a relatively simple SDR QRP monoband
      transceiver with classic through hole components, priced under US$150.
      Eight frantic weeks later and Genesis G40 is live and kicking!

      And this is just a beginning of our journey!

      In reality, we are well aware that this journey could be a bumpy one.
      Despite our previous experiences, we still have plenty to learn.
      We beg your understanding and patience.
      But we proms that with your help we'll surely get it right.

      Personally I will do my best to take care of your business -
      from orders taking to delivery and post-sale service.
      I have been doing this for many years and I do understand
      how you may feel about putting your trust into hands of
      total stranger!

      I am most grateful to those who
      have already placed orders for G40.
      Your kits are almost completed and will be shipped in 2 days (this Thursday).

      At the moment I am working on translation of assembly file
      which will be ready for download by the end of this week.
      At the same time I am also preparing an 'assembly pictorial'.
      The purpose of this pictorial is twofold:
      firstly, it is here to enable novice builders to 'get it right' in a first go.
      Secondly, since neither Tasa or myself are of English speaking background, communicating with you on 'show and tell' basis is definitely the way to go.
      First 3 pages are already online so please go to:
      and follow the link to Phase 2 and Phase 3.
      Keep in mind that this is not a stand alone assembly tutorial
      but rather an addtional resource to assmbly manual.

      On the other side of world, Tasa is currently working on G20 - a 20m band version. G30 and G160 are almost completed, we are just awaiting
      delivery of quartz crystals. For those interested in multiband version: Genesis T59 will be available in July-August 2009 but
      we have no intention to 'spread ourselves too thin'
      and rush this project up - our main focus is now on G40.

      Once again thank you kindly for you support.

      73, Nick VK1AA

      For technical help and support please email to
      help@... or directly to this mailing list.
      Your comments and feedback is truly appreciated!

      Nicholas Hacko
      4th Floor, Suite 403
      Culwulla Chambers
      67 Castlereagh St.
      Sydney 2000 NSW

      Phone: 02 9232 0500
      Fax: 02 9233 2273
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