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Re: [Generation-Mixed] Re: talking...............its really important

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  • Jaime Pretell
    Depends on where in OH, but that can be true. ... From: wintyreeve@aol.com To: Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 12:29 AM Subject:
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      Depends on where in OH, but that can be true.
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      Subject: Re: [Generation-Mixed] Re: talking...............its really important

      Hello Brianna and Friends :)
      In one of my favorite memories... I went to a family reunion in Selma. My teenage cousins took to my son like he was their own baby brother. We are all mixed in my family--ever shade of the rainbow and in-between. My cousins are much darker than my son, who could pass for White. Anyways, my cousins put my son in his baby stroller & took off with him. They were showing him off to all the neighbors, driving him to the park--playing basketball. In the eyes of a child--race or skin color or any of the things an adult feels pressure about--did not matter. They were all just playing, and laughing together.
      My older cousin (the mother of the teenagers) was telling me that there really is no concept of "mixed". You are either black or white. When I took my cousin to vacation at a resort in Ohio--it was really weird for me to see how she was acting. Guess because I am mixed I learn to adapt in any situation. But for her, she only felt comfortable around other blacks. And I mean that--only comfortable around people with dark skin. She would go out the door and her eyes were wide open--taking count. And if there were not many black people she would assume that people were racist or staring at her or being rude. And in a way that was the truth of what she experienced somewhere in life--and it followed her.
      I want for my kids a healthy balance. Having self confidence but also awareness of the world.
      Hope you are well!
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