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Re: Prima Ballerina: Misty Copeland

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  • multiracialbookclub
    Agreed! [:)] Note of interest: One of the articles on Misty Copeland s career mentioned that
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 13, 2006

      Agreed! :)

      Note of  interest:

      One of the articles on Misty Copeland's career mentioned that
      her performances with the American Ballet Theatre are being
       by a fellow Multi-Racial -- Socialite, `Susan Fales-Hill' .

      For those who are unfamiliar with Fales-Hill -- the
      information found at the following link may be of interest: 


      Added note of interest:

      Misty Copeland is a Mixed-Race woman who is of MGM-Mixed lineage AND  
      Susan Fales-Hill is a Mixed-Race woman who is of FGM-Mixed parentage.

      It's always nice to witness Mixed-Race people offering each other a sense of
      support and community -- no matter what their Mixed-Race 'chronology' or 'type' --
      as the promotion of "Unity in the Mixed-Race Community" is always a good thing!! :)

      (MGM-Mixed: Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed
      FGM-Mixed: First-Generational Multiracially-Mixed)

      "Li" <wiseladyowl@...> wrote:

      WOW! what an awesome story, this girl has guts and stamina bet we'll be seeing a lot of her soon.

      multiracialbookclub <soaptalk@...> wrote:

      Prima Ballerina: 'Misty Copeland'

      Misty Copeland is an MGM-Mixed Ballerina who is both of the
      African-American ethnic grouping and who's lineage includes
      that of African and European (German and Italian) ancestry





      Misty Copeland is such a fabulous, talented and
      gifted ballerina
      (a prodigy who, by the way, didn't
      even start ballet until she was 13 years old)
      that in 1998 her ballet teacher (Cynthia Bradley)
      actually took the unscrupulous action of trying to
      take custody of the then teenaged Misty from her
      working-class, divorced mother, `Sylvia DelaCerna'.

      Bradley falsely alleged that since Mrs. DelaCerna did not
      have the same `inside connections' that might boost Misty's
      career -- she felt that it would be "harmful" to Misty not
      to allow her to be in the custody of the person whose
      money and influence would allot her better opportunities.

      Bradley even went so far as to deceive Misty into filing a
      request for  emancipation by falsely telling Misty that her
      mom planned to forbid her to take anymore ballet lessons.

      Attorney Gloria AllRed took the case for
      Misty's mom and Mrs. DelaCerna won.

      Misty's career is doing quite amazing – even
      without the "help" of her former ballet teacher.


      More on Misty:


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