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Re: Pierogi -- Mix 'Em Up

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    Thank Lynn!! :D This is great!! :D Lynn wrote: LOL* Talk about a delayed reaction! Awhile back, AG asked about pierogi recipes... I did not
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      Thank Lynn!! :D This is great!! :D

      "Lynn" <wintyreeve@...> wrote:

      LOL* Talk about a delayed reaction! Awhile back, AG asked about
      pierogi recipes... I did not forget about you :) I am sending a
      recipe for pierogis here because it was too long to add to the
      database. Pierogis make the perfect mixed food because you can
      add anything to them & adapt them to your own culture. Enjoy :)


      Pierogis are dumplings filled with veggies, meat, eggs,
      cheese, fruit or mashed potatoes (or a combination of).
      The origin of pierogis is from Central and Eastern Europe,
      although they are eaten in cultures from around the world
      (they may not always be called "pierogi" there are many adaptations).

      Pierogis are wonderful to cook because you can
      add any flavor to them--you can mix them up!

      The easiest way to prepare pierogis is to buy the frozen kind
      in the supermarket. And while you are in the store--you can
      have fun thinking of what you want to add to your pierogis.
      Polish pierogis are traditionally boiled then fried, butter and
      breadcrumbs are added to them. Sour cream is also a popular topping
      with pierogis. You can add pierogies (the cheese kind works best)
      to your recipe for macaroni n' cheese. You can add tomato sauce
      to pierogis. I like to add chicken gravy to my pierogis and serve
      them with a side of scrambled eggs. Or turn them into a casserole.

      Ingredients for Pierogi Casserole:

      Box of Frozen Pierogies
      Chopped Onion
      Mixed Veggies (Frozen or Fresh-Corn, Green Bean, Peas, Carrots,
      Broccoli etc)
      Family Size Can of Cream of Chicken Soup OR Cream of Celery Soup
      1 soup can full of milk
      Cheese (optional)
      Mushrooms (optional)

      Preheat Oven to 350 F.

      1. Cook meat. Chicken breasts should be baked at 350f for 25-30
      minutes or until juices run clear. Season as you like.
      Pre-cooked ham should be warmed in an oven at 350f for
      8-10 minutes, add water to the bottom of the pan to keep
      moist (drain water when adding casserole ingredients).
      2. Place a large saucepan of water on the stove & boil.
      3. Add frozen pierogies and cook 5-7 min.
      or until the pierogies begin to float
      4. Put pierogies in a stainer and drain
      (Optional-If you like crisp pierogies, do this extra step.
      Grease a frying pan. Add chopped onion and pierogies.
      Fry until lightly browned. Keep an eye on the pierogies
      because they cook fast! You can also bake the boiled
      pierogis for 3-5 minutes, they will be crisp & fluffy.)
      5. Use saucepan to mix cream soup and milk (mix empty soup
      can with milk). Mix with a wisk until bubbly and well-blended.
      6. Grease a baking pan (or use a disposable aluminum pan).
      Add soup, pierogies, meat and veggies. Onions and mushrooms should
      also be added to the mix. If using cheese, sprinkle on top.
      7. Bake 30-40 minutes until hot & bubbly. Enjoy!
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