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Wray-Alabama-Divorce Dispute Over Mulatto Children

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    _http://www.lexisnexus.com/academic/guides/Aaas/slavpet0201.pdf_ (http://www.lexisnexus.com/academic/guides/Aaas/slavpet0201.pdf) p.256 of 531 0873, Accession
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2006
      p.256 of 531
      0873, Accession #20184915
      Montgomery County, AL
      In his answer and cross bill, Albert G. Wray denies that he treated his wife Susan
      "with a spirit of unkindness harshness cruelty and neglect"; he denies that he has had
      any illicit sexual relations with any of his slaves; and he denies that he encouraged
      C.G.M. Prince to seduce his wife so that he (Wray) could file a divorce petition.
      Wray explains that his wife not only had an affair with Prince but also probably with several slaves.
      "There is one of the children of the said Mary about two years old who is
      the reputed child of a bright mulattoe slave called John", Wray explains;
      whether her other children are mulattoes is difficult to know, but he sure about
      one thing; none of them are his, despite their fourteen years of marriage.
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