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katrina aid-over 1 million pounds of food donated

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    hello friends- sorry all in lowercase, the baby is sleeping on my lap... a local group in minn is distributing aid to missippi, including the united huoma
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2005
      hello friends-
      sorry all in lowercase, the baby is sleeping on my lap...
      a local group in minn is distributing aid to missippi, including the united huoma nation. i know that trish mentioned the reservations are pretty much being ignored by the govt, not receiving aid so i thought i would pass this on..
      blessings, lynn
      this is written by aria of stongehenge rocks & rituals

      Hello and beautiful fall day to you all,


      It has been some time since I have been able to effectively reach ALL of you via email due to technical difficulties. I do apologize and now that these have all been resolved, here I AM.


      There is and continues to be many changes here at Stonehenge, with myself, and the planet. Where does one begin???????? Hmmmm�


      CURRENTLY with myself and the North Serves South project-Katrina Relief Effort-thus far North Serves South, who was/is co-founded by Diana Knobel and myself, then expanded with Lynne Derby, Guru, Sudha, Litahni Coleman, and many others, Greg, Carrie, Diane, Mark, and others, have moved over 1 million pounds of food and other needed items down to Mississippi and Louisiana areas, have created a DVD of our first trip down which began on  Sept. 3rd, and can be viewed at www.missionfromminnesota.org

      We have sent 5 trucks out of Minneapolis and have kept a truck on the road since the beginning of Sept. delivering items from distribution points in Mississippi  to rural areas of Mississippi, the United Huoma Nation, Ovet, Biloxi,  New Orleans, and many other areas. We have sent counselors down to assist with the emotional trauma and recovery pieces and have one more truck leaving Minneapolis soon,  headed to Louisiana serving a couple of different indigenous groups down there.  WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL OF YOU WHO HELPED support this project through donations of food, resources, and money. WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU! May you all be blessed one thousand times for your kindness and generosity.


      My life seems to have changed since my experience of service and Katrina relief efforts.  I still don't have words to share around the depth of the beauty which I saw in the midst of chaos and destruction. I will never be same.  I can share a couple of moments that touched me deeply. We were putting food items and personal items out on a table for those in need, when I saw one woman in need take 2 large packages of toilet paper and another women who was helping with the distribution of the items assure her that she did not have to take that many rolls of toilet paper TODAY because she could come tomorrow and get more, there is plenty and you will be taken care of was her message. At another time I was sitting on the curb kind of recovering from all that I had seen and smelled when I saw a woman and a child walking on the sidewalk across the street.  I thought to myself, look at her, she had kind of dressed up, make up and all, to come to the food shelf. I thought she is trying to find some normalcy here and beautify herself.   We both caught each other's eyes, smiled, and she said to me, ‘the sun gets to be a little hot, eh? to which I replied, �yes, it sure is and then she said, �thank God for the Sun. What could I say except, yes, thank God for the Sun. I thought to myself, how could she still be blessing things when she had no home, no normalcy, no food, and totally reliant upon the kindness of strangers. Of course, I was given the answer to the question I had asked immediately. What I was shown was a deep spiritual connection within her that I feel most of us, even those of us who call ourselves �lightworkers lacked.  I wondered if I were in her shoes, would I have been able to be in the place of being able to �bless anything or feel any gratitude at all. It is question that we all could ask ourselves, eh?

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