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Mixed-race Celebrity: Terrence Howard

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    Recently, on the Oprah show and they featured the cast of (and focused the show on) the movie Crash . Actor Terrence Howard (who plays the role of actress
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 15, 2005
      Recently, on the 'Oprah' show and they featured the
      cast of (and focused the show on) the movie 'Crash'.

      Actor Terrence Howard (who plays the role of actress
      Thandie Newton's husband in the film) shared things
      about his life's experiences that intrigue me.

      On the Oprah show he was explaining that

      1) He was "the product of a 'Mixed'-marriage ...

      in that...

      2) Both of his parents are of 'Mixed'-race lineage ...

      and that ...

      3) His father, however, looks 'whiter'
      in appearance than does his mother ...

      and that ...

      4) They were generally mistaken to be an
      'interracial couple' (rather than as being
      the 'Mixed'-race couple that they were) ...

      and how ...

      5) As a result of his 'Mixed'-race Parents difference
      in shading and other phenol-typical features and of
      children's MGM-Mixed lineage being obvious in their
      various appearances -- the family often experienced
      issues from pretty much 'every' group (and he also
      shared two heart wrenching encounters in particular)

      6) He had to learn from his experiences with racism ...;
      that he could not blame or hold a grudge against any 'one'
      group in particular nor could he see himself as a 'victim'
      of or 'superior' to anybody -- but rather had to enter
      situations as "an observer" of human behavior and learn
      to also react to ignorant people in a manner which
      would help the situation, not worsen it.

      Actress, Thandie Newton -- who is of FGM-Mixed/Biracial lineage
      --– also made a point that was very similar to and along the
      same lines as was Terrence Howard's final point AND she seemed
      to be quite supportive of Terrence Howard's decision to acknowledge
      that he is, in fact. `Mixed'-race (he is of the MGM-Mixed variety).

      The points Howard made about his family's lineage; their
      resulting phenotype; and even some of their day-to-day
      experiences as 'mixed' people -- sounded so similar to
      that of my own and that of so many other Mixed people
      I know – that I was amazed at how often `The Mixed-race
      Experience' (as it has been referred to) overlaps so many
      different types and lives of Mixed-race people and groups.

      In addition, it was refreshing to see that being
      'Mixed'-race --- as the result of "having parents
      of 'mixed'-lineage" was ALSO being acknowledged
      (... leave it to Oprah ... thanks Oprah!)

      --- rather than `Mixed'-race being seen ONLY
      as the result of a person "having parents
      who were a part of an interracial-union"
      (as the world so commonly, and
      clearly mistakenly, sees it).

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      MGM-Mixed== `Multi'-Generational Multiracially-Mixed
      FGM-Mixed== `First'-Generational Multiracially-Mixed]

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