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Society should STOP Confusing "Race" with 'Ethnicity'

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  • multiracialbookclub
    . MY . Seeing that I do NOT approve of referring to (and / or categorizing) a Mixed-Race person (who just happens to have some amount of Black-ancestry in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2012
      Seeing that I do NOT approve of referring to (and / or
      categorizing) a Mixed-Race person (who just 
      to have some amount of Black-ancestry 
      in their lineage)
      by the RACIAL term of 'Black' 
      (due to the fact that it is
      an obvious adherence to 
      the racist-`One-Drop Rule')
      -- I also feel a need to 
      point out that I also have issues
      with the general social use and application of certain
      Ethnic terms such as that of 'African-American' (AA).
      The problem that I have with the general social use 
      of the currently popular term of `African-American'
      is  related to the following facts of the matter:

      FACT #1) Most 
      people do NOT seem to realize that the
      term of AA was 
      ONLY meant to be applied to a very
      specific ETHNIC 
      grouping of people (which then
      means that the term of AA 
      is NOT a `synonym'
      for the term of `Black American' nor
      was it ever meant to be used as such.)**

      -- and --
      FACT #2) The term of AA (even when used `properly')
      is still actually a `misnomer' for and a false descriptor
      the ETHNIC group to whom it was created to be applied.^^
      ** According to most historians --- the `proper' application of 
      the ETHNIC term of `African-American' (AA) was both 
      created for, and to be limited in application SOLELY
       the small number of those people who are: 

      ... "The `Descendants-Of-The-Survivors'of
      chattel-slavery System that had once
      existed on the 
      continental United States
      during the 
      antebellum-era of it's history".
      The RACIAL term of `Black American' (BA) 
      – on the other hand -- applies to ALL of the 
      citizens / permanent residents of the continental 
      United States (U.S.) – who are BOTH "racially" 
      categorized as being `Black' AND are also 
      NOT members of the AA ETHNIC group.

      [NOTE: While there are more than 18 Million
      located on the continental United States
      alone (with, largely due to a steady flow
      immigration since 1968, the numbers both 
      growing and expected to continue to grow 
      larger annually) – there are only 13 Million 
      AAs even found in existence on the entire 
      planet (including those who are expatriates).]  
      Which means that -- since shortly after 1968 --
      there have been more BAs in the U.S. than AAs.

      In addition to the fact that the ETHNIC misnomer of the
      term of 'African-American' (AA) is often (erroneously) 
      applied to 'anyone who has any Black lineage and lives in
      the United States' -- although nearly `all' of the members 

      of the AA ETHNIC group have been placed in the "racial"
      `category' of "black" (and `some' of 
      the AAs actually are
      of a full racially-Black) --- 
      it is also a well-
      known fact that
      a large number of the AAs are 
      actually of a continually
      Mixed-Race ancestral 
      lineage that the term of AA quite
      simply fails to properly describe or even acknowledge.^

      Thus, the ETHNIC term of AA is NOT synonymous
      with the RACIAL 
      term of BA; the two (2) terms are
      NOT referring 
      to the same groupings of people; and 
      the two (2) terms should NOT be used interchangeably. 
      ... is NOT the same thing as "Race"
      (^Per the research of such notable geneticists as 
      Dr. Luigi Cavelli-Sforza [who was, at the time, 
      the esteemed Executive Director of 'The Human 
      Genome Project' and is still seen as the world's 
      foremost authority in the field of human genetics]:
      ----- ^^More than seventy-percent (+70%) of the
      people who are born to parents who are BOTH
      members of the ETHNIC group
      is currently
      referred to by the term of AA (a term 
      once one studies the lineage of this group, 
      really does seem to be a misnomer) -----
      have a continuously racially-admixed lineage 
      containing an ancestry of +20-30% European;
      Amerindian; and remaining Black / 
      West African
      a whopping 5% of such
      of the AA ETHNIC 
      group have NO
      traceable amounts of Black / West 
      found in their lineage whatsoever.] 



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