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RE: [Generation-Mixed] Ancestrybydna

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  • Sarah May Quiocho
    I did mine with FamilyTreeDna.com , they re pricey when they don t have a sale. I have met 3rd and second cousins on there. 2 of my family members have done a
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      I did mine with FamilyTreeDna.com , they're pricey when they don't have a sale. I have met 3rd and second cousins on there. 2 of my family members have done a much simpler DNA test through them. 1 is pending, but the accuracy is pretty darn good.

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      Ancestry by dna is way more accurate than 23 and me. i have taken both. my wife and kids took 23 and me and they were so so off. how do i know? my wife is an amerindian from guyana. i know her lineage. she has a slight mixture one black great great grandparent and one white great great grandparent. they had her listed as 62 percent white. whn my father and mother did it for him only his african side and for my mother only her european side. mine was way off too. and the kids

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      Hello everyone,
      It has been a whiled since I have posted. I know there have been many post on DNA. I do one of my test with Ancestrybydna due to the George Lopez show and a suggestion of a cousin. I hear that 23andme. Is more robust. However , has anyone here did their DNA test with Ancestrybydna? Do. You think the results generally reflect accuracy? Just would like some feedback. Thanks.


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