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The HIBMCU Institutions

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    The HIBMCU Institutions `Historically Indian, Black, & Mulatto Colleges and Universities (HIBMCU) are those colleges or universities which were established
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 2, 2012

      The HIBMCU Institutions

      `Historically Indian, Black, & Mulatto 
      Colleges and Universities' (HIBMCU)

      are those colleges or universities which were 
      established before 1964 with the intention of 

      [removing educational barriers from members 
      of the] African-American [Ethnic grouping].

      Before 1864, the 
      African-Americans were almost 
      always excluded from [access to] higher education 
      opportunities at the predominantly-White colleges 
      and universities—with notable exceptions such 
      as the integrated  Oberlin   College  in  Ohio .

      There are more than 100 HIBMCU 
      (a.k.a. historically-"black
      ") colleges 
      in the  United States -- and they 
      are located almost exclusively in 
      the southern and eastern states. 

      Four HIBMCUs are located in the Midwestern 
      states (two each in  Missouri  and  Ohio ), 
      --- while one is in the  Virgin Islands


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