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Poem - Dr. Martin Luther King

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  • multiracialbookclub
    Here is an amazing poem written by one of our brilliant Gen-Mixed community members (Pierre Andre) in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day (a.k.a. Human
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 13, 2012
      Here is an amazing poem written by one of our brilliant 
      Gen-Mixed community members (Pierre Andre) in honor
      of 'Martin Luther King Jr. Day' (a.k.a. 'Human Rights Day'):

      I Have a Dream

      Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream 
      that he dared to dream each day,
      Bringing all the races together 
      that no unkind word could chase away.

      That no injustice could weave its web
      around his precious goal,
      That began a mission that consumed his life
      and a purpose that fulfilled his soul.

      Bringing truth to the surface 
      for all eyes to see,
      That no one has a right to deprive 
      another of their dignity.

      To deprive another human being 
      of their humanity and pride,
      For this Truth must ring true 
      from every mountain side.

      No one can claim God's world 
      and deny it to their brother.
      For we can never know the fruits of happiness 
      by hating one another.
      We can never find comfort and Peace 
      in hurting each other.

      By using race to separate and divide
      that will prevent some from scaling 
      the height of the mountain side.

      Preventing us all from looking over 
      to see the Promise Land,
      For we all will surely fall 
      unless we hold each others hand.

      Like the steeple of that old church 
      where song birds sing,
      Singing out the glorious Dream
      that began in the heart and soul
      of Dr. Martin Luther King.

      Pierre Andre, 2009 ©
      All Rights 

      Monday, January 19, 2009
      by  Pierre  (Jefferson) Andre

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