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essay in anthology about global nomads/TCKs

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    Dear Generation Mixed, Happy New Year! I hope this finds you very well after having had a wonderful holiday season. I writing to announce that an essay I
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      Dear Generation Mixed,

      Happy New Year! I hope this finds you very well after having had a wonderful holiday season.

      I writing to announce that an essay I wrote, "Checked Baggage: Writing Unpacked," has been published in a terrific anthology! The essay is about the process of writing my one-woman-show-in-progress, which in turn is about growing up in Central America, North Africa, the Middle East, and Connecticut as a multi-ethnic child and adolescent. The book should be available at the largest branch of your public library as well as in academic libraries all over the USA, the UK, and Canada. If not, please consider asking your libe to order it. (The more orders the publisher gets from libraries, the more likely they will be to publish the book in affordable paperback.)

      This is what the book's Introduction says about my essay:

      "Elizabeth Liang, who grew up in six countries, draws commonalities between that multiple-identity existence and her chosen profession as an actress, and tells us of her one-woman play-in-progress that aims to give dramatic shape to her childhood peregrinations and confusions. Her childhood moves between Panama and Guatemala, her first exposure to Moroccan Arabic, the shock of winter cold in Connecticut, the woes of a street cyclist in Cairo or Philadelphia—these and other roaming experiences form the fabric of a vivid stage monologue."
      – Gene H. Bell-Villada and Nina Sichel, Editors

      My brother John's excellent essay, "Finding Home," is also in the book. If you know any global nomads, TCKs, or someone studying or teaching anything "global" and/or "intercultural," the book might interest them. A TCK is anyone who spent a significant part of their developmental years outside their passport country/ies or in (a) culture(s) other than that of their parents. (So the person doesn't have to have moved around. All children of immigrants are TCKs. Also, TCKs and mixed-race people have A LOT in common.) Below is the info on the book, and thank you so much.

      Lisa in L.A.

      Writing Out of Limbo:
      International Childhoods, Global Nomads and Third Culture Kids
      Now available for sale
      at http://www.c-s-p.org (Cambridge Scholars Publishing)

      "This terrific and substantial volume is a vital step in clarifying the experiences, gifts, and struggles of those who grew up around the world, or with those who grew up elsewhere. I can't wait to teach with it."
      – Wendy Laura Belcher, PhD, Professor of Literature, Princeton University, author of the memoir Honey from the Lion and Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks

      "The selections here, varied as they are, share the quiet, profound, and rich experiences of people writing on the most innocent years, transcendent of cultural boundaries. Reading this book is a travel across the globe with an impressive group of worldly citizens."
      – Morten Ender, PhD, Professor of Sociology, United States Military Academy at West Point

      Crossing borders and boundaries, countries and cultures, they are the children of the military, diplomatic corps, international business, education and missions communities. They are called Third Culture Kids or Global Nomads, and the many benefits of their lifestyle – expanded worldview, multiplicity of languages, tolerance for difference – are often mitigated by recurring losses – of relationships, of stability, of permanent roots. They are part of an accelerating demographic that is only recently coming into visibility.

      In this groundbreaking collection, writers from around the world address issues of language acquisition and identity formation, childhood mobility and adaptation, memory and grief, and the artist's struggle to articulate the experience of growing up global. And, woven like a thread through the entire collection, runs the individual's search for belonging and a place called "home."

      This book provides a major leap in understanding what it's like to grow up among worlds. It is invaluable reading for the new global age.

      Writing Out of Limbo: International Childhoods, Global Nomads and Third Culture Kids
      Editor: Gene H. Bell-Villada and Nina Sichel with Faith Eidse and Elaine Neil Orr
      Date Of Publication: Dec 2011
      Isbn13: 978-1-4438-3360-8
      Isbn: 1-4438-3360-6

      For more information and/or to buy, go to http://www.c-s-p.org/Flyers/Writing-out-of-Limbo--The-International-Childhood-Experience-of-Global-Nomads-and-Third-Culture-Kids1-4438-3360-6.htm
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