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Re: How an act of 'Loving' destroyed a racist "rule"

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  • April Crews
    Thanks for this information. It will be great to hand out at the Loving Day celebration I m planning for June 2012 in DC. I also mention how ridiculous the one
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 27, 2011
      Thanks for this information. It will be great to hand out at the Loving Day celebration I'm planning for June 2012 in DC. I also mention how ridiculous the one drop rule concept is in one of my blog posts "Myths of Being Bi-racial." Check it out at  http://www.apriloutloud.com/2007/12/myths-of-being-bi-racial.html

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      Subject: [Generation-Mixed] How an act of 'Loving' destroyed a racist "rule"

      Ever heard of ...
      'Loving VS. Virginia'
      (a.k.a. 'The "Loving" Case')?!
      The United States Supreme Court case entitled 'Loving Vs. The
      State of Virginia' -- or 'The "Loving" Case' -- is what led to
      the 1967 U.S. Supreme Court
      decision that resulted in the 
      legal-BANNING of the racist-'One-Drop Rule' throughout
      the entire United States (U.S.) as well as all of its' territories.
      The racist-`One-Drop Rule' was --- the non-scientific (but often
      legally-enforced) social-construct that made the false-claim
      that the "Black blood"
      (no matter how small the amount -- even
      down to a mere 'one' drop) that was found in a Mixed-Race person's
      ancestry was so very `tainted', `filthy' and `contaminated' that 
      it had quite literally (and eternally) managed to `annihilate'
      ALL of their `other' 
      (i.e. non-Black) bloodlines – and thus
       somehow ("magically", one supposes) rendered that person
      as being racially "black"
      (in spite of any `evidence'
      – physically visible or otherwise -- to the contrary).


      The racist-`One-Drop Rule' was created by Racial-Supremacists with
      the open goal of `degrading' and `stigmatizing' the Black ancestry
      and bloodlines
      of full-Black people – as well as of the Mixed-Race people
      who had ANY amount of Black lineage -- and had the additional intent
      of `punishing' any person who's parentage or ancestry indicated that
      the social-construct of the "color line" had been "crossed" or "blurred".

      [[[Up until the short-lived, spurious, often violent and rather divisive
      `Black-Power Movement' (which, very much like the `rap / hip-hop'
      music-genre of today, was actually imported to the United States from
      the West Indies Islands), of the late 1960s / early 1970s, had managed
      to usurp the
      very progressive, non-violent, empowering and unifying,
      `Civil-Rights Movement, of the early 1950s / late 1960s --- the vast
      majority of the people of the United States who had been racially
      categorized as
      `Negro' (for those who were of `full-Black' Lineage)
      and / or as `Colored' (for those who were of `part-Black' Lineage)
      [both groups of which in modern times are often generally noted
      as being "black"-categorized] – openly despised and worked to
      legally and socially fight against the racist-`One-Drop Rule' …
      along with it's `degradation' and `stigmatization' of Black lineage.

      (Magazine Articles -- Jet / September 16. 1954 and Ebony / April, 1952
      -- that were written during the progressive 'Civil Rights Movement'
      and prior to the 
      divisive 'Black Power Movement' -- commenting
      on the preposterous effects of the racist 'One-Drop Rule'')

      (Still shots of Mixed-Race Actress,  Fredi Washington in her two most famous 
      anti-'One-Drop Rule' films -- 'Imitation of Life' & 'One Mile From Heaven')
      Once the `Black-Power Movement' came into effect, however, many –
      if not most – of the "black"-categorized people
      of the United States were
      often subjected to severe bullying and other very strong social-pressures
      to simply "accept" and "tolerate" (perhaps even "embrace" and "promote")
      existence of the `black-linage degrading' and openly racist `One-Drop
      (in spite of the fact that it was legally-banned in 1967) --- and all
      under the ridiculous guise of so-called "racial pride" and "racial unity".

      The reality of the situation was that ….. with everyone (no matter
      how obviously of Mixed-Race Lineage and / or of Interracial Parentage)
      suddenly finding themselves under the `umbrella' (and false)
      label of "black" … entirely new "issues" (such as a change in the
      "look" of "black" beauty, leadership, etc.) arose as "the Mixed-Race
      Face" then suddenly became "The Standard" for all-things
      (leading to occasional conflict with and a feeling of rejection by 
      people who were actually-`Black', rather than being technically-"black").

            (Black Actress: 'Vanessa Williams' -- and -- Mixed-Race Actress: 'Vanessa L. Williams')
           (Black Singer: 'Kelly Rowland' -- and -- Mixed-Race Singer: 'Mariah Carey')
         (Black Actress: 'Gabriel Union' -- and -- Mixed-Race Actress: 'Lonette McKee')
      Thus, the forced-"embracing" and resigned-"acceptance" of the
      racist-`One-Drop Rule' within the various "black communities"
      found throughout the United States actually led to more conflict as 
      well as sense of confusion, division and feelings of separation and rejection
      -- than it did to any true feelings or illusions of "racial-cohesion".


      Science has repeatedly proven that "Black blood" is NOT
      "filthy", "contaminated" or a "taint"
      – and a non-racist should
      NEVER even consider "embracing"
      , "accepting", "promoting"
      or even "tolerating" ANY obviously-racist concept (such as the
      moronic `One-Drop Rule') that makes the vicious claim that it is
      such ... not even in the name of so-called racial "pride" or "unity".


      Here are more of THE FACTS on the racist 'One-Drop Rule'
      (and on any social misapplication if said "rule" to people who
      are of Mixed-Race Lineage that includes any part-Black ancestry).

      The racist `one-drop' "rule" was made `illegal' in the U.S. in
      1967 by the U.S. Supreme Court via the `Loving vs. VA' case

      (i.e. The `Loving' case) – where the U.S. Supreme Court ruled ...
      --- 1) All `Anti-Miscegenation' Laws found throughout the U.S.;
       --- 2) The racist `VA Racial Integrity Act'(upon which most
      of the anti-miscegenation `laws' were founded); and
      --- 3) The ('black-lineage mocking' and exceedingly) racist
      `One-Drop Rule'
      (upon which the `Act' was based.)
      … as being `UN-Constitutional' (i.e. illegal, banned, etc.)
      due to the fact that it was both 'racist' and 'unscientific'.]

      Mildred and Richard Loving with lawyers
      (The 'Lovings' sitting with their attorney)

      Mildred and Richard Loving at home
      (The 'Lovings' after their victorious court case decision)

      (A copy of the 1967 U.S. Supreme Court 'Loving' decision)

      (Virginia was the first state (in 1662) to make it illegal
      for any "colored" person to marry any White person

      (Between 1913-1947 a total of 30 states
       had laws against
      interracial marriage and 
      as late as 1966 such laws
      were still 'valid' in 17 states, including Virginia.

      In 1967 the Supreme Court struck down any
      remaining laws prohibiting interracial marriage.

      The 'Loving v. Virginia' case  challenged AND defeated 
      BOTH Virginia's
      anti-miscegenation statute AND it's
      Racial Integrity Act of 1924 " (as well as the racist
      'One-Drop Rule' upon which BOTH had been based).
      "The Racial Integrity Act of 1924  had required 
      that a racial description of every person be recorded
      birth (even going so far as to change the birth
      records of people who were adults 
      or even those 
      that were deceased) -- AND -- it ALSO held as 
      a 'Felonious' Offense any 'marriage' between 
      White persons and "non-white" persons (with 
      the penalties** going so far as to include the
      of prison terms and even loss
      of one's children as 'wards of the State').
      [**Virginia Statue 1942 / Sec. 4546.
      Marriage of a White person with a colored person; 
      how punished.
      –If any White person intermarry with a colored person, or any
      colored person intermarry with a White person, he shall be guilty
      of a felony and shall be punished by confinement in the

      penitentiary for not less than one year nor more than five years.].
      Here are THE FACTS on Mixed-Race Linage:
      1) It is often a surprise for people to learn 
      that, in reality, 
      there is actually No Such 
      Thing as a "Light Skinned Black"

      2) Very few people seem to be aware of the fact
      that the very term of "Light Skinned Black"
      is simply a racist-oxymoron that was created
      by Racial Supremacists
      in an effort to forcibly deny
      Mixed-Race individuals and groups (who are either the
      First-Generation Multiracially-Mixed (FGM-Mixed)
      offspring of interracial-Parentage –and/or—who are the
      Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed (MGM-Mixed)
      descendants of admixed-Ancestors) the right to fully embrace
      and to receive public support in choosing to acknowledge
      the truth regarding their full ancestral heritage and lineage.
      3) The people who have been slapped with the false
      label and oxymoronic misnomer of "Light Skinned
      person are simply Mixed-Race individuals

      (Richard Loving with his
      Mixed-Race son, Donald)

      (Mixed-Race Actress 'Karyn
      Parsons' with her children)
      A Side-Note on MGM-Mixed / Mixed- Race Lineage
      A) The racist-label of "Light Skinned Black" is (more
      often than not) commonly thrown in the face of the
      Mixed-Race individuals and people groupings that are
      Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed
      (In order for a person or grouping to be considered as
      Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed (MGM-Mixed)
      -- they must be descendants of the families that have been
      "of a CONTINUALLY Mixed-Race Lineage (that includes
      at least 25% `other' admixture') THROUGHOUT all of
      the multiple generations" --- starting with the very first
      generation of racial-admixing up to the present generation.

      And merely having a singular 'ancient-ancestor', or two, of
      some 'other' admixture -- with all of one's other ancestors
      having been of the same "race" category -- does NOT make
      anyone of MGM-Mixed Lineage -- otherwise, nearly every
      person on the planet could (falsely) claim to be MGM-Mixed.)
      C) Seeing that every other Mixed-Race group is allowed
      the dignity of receiving support in having itself referred to
      by the term that it most prefers
      … the question becomes
      …"Why should the situation be any different for
      those Mixed-Race individuals who are of an
      Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed
      (MGM-Mixed) / Mixed-Race Lineage?".
      D) If an MGM-Mixed / Mixed-Race individual would like
      to be referred to by the term `Mixed-Race'
      (which is what
      they actually are) -- rather than by that of "Light-Skinned
      (a term, which, once again, has the racist-origin of
      being nothing more than an oxymoronic-phrase that was
      both created and coined by Racial Supremacists in an
      effort to try to deny these Mixed-Race people their
      right to and support in publicly acknowledging and
      also embracing their FULL-Lineage) --- there is no
      reason that they
      (like every other group on the
      planet, whether Mixed-Race or not) should not
      be allowed the right to choose the term that
      society uses in referring to them
      (and to have
      their full-lineage acknowledged within that term).
      (MGM-Mixed Actress: 'Nicole Ari Parker')            (MGM-Mixed Actor: Brian Stokes Mitchel with wife and child)
      (MGM-Mixed Actress: 'Vanessa L. Williams' & Family)       (MGM-Mixed Actress: Jayne Overton)
      Historical TRUTH VS. MYTH & Urban Legend
      Listed below are links to data on the Historical MYTH
      of a Color-Based / Slave-Role HIERARCHY — as well
      as the Urban LEGEND of Paper-Bag, Blue-Vein and
      Other Allegations of Features-Based Entry `TESTS':
      If there are any questions regarding the information
      presented, I can be reached anytime at the email
      address and / or websites noted below.
      Thank you and have a good day.
      – AllPeople (AP) G.i.f.t.s.
      Founder and Moderator of the following
      online Lineage-Discussion Communities

      Article written and posted  by 'AllPeople (AP) G.i.f.t.s.'
      (soaptalk@...) / All Rights Reserved ©
      If interested in re-printing article, please feel free
      to contact "A.P.Gifts" at soaptalk@...
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