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Re: There is no such thing as a "light-skinned Black"

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  • multiracialbookclub
    It often comes as a surprise for people to discover that … `There is No Such Thing as a Light Skinned Black person . The actual term of Light Skinned
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      It often comes as a surprise 
      for people to discover that … 
      `There is No Such Thing as a 
      "Light Skinned Black
      " person'.

      The actual term of "Light Skinned Black" 
      is nothing more that a racist oxymoron 
      that was coined by racial supremacists
      --- in an effort to try to forcibly deny the 
      many `Mixed-Race' people who were / are 
      of a Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed 
      (MGM-Mixed) Ancestral Lineage the right 
      TO both embrace (and also receive public 
      support in openly acknowledging) the 
      physically visible (and obvious) 
      FACT of their FULL-ancestry.

      The eugenicists and other racial-supremacists 
       a non-scientific, spurious and racist concept 
      called the `One-Drop Rule' (ODR) in an effort 
      to falsely label any Black bloodlines 
      found in a 
      Mixed-Race individual's ancestral lineage as being 
      both an "inferior" and a "contaminated" "taint" 
      that was so "filthy" and "vile" that even a mere 
      `drop' of it had quite literally managed 
      (and would 
      eternally continue) to destroy the actual existence of 
      all of the other blood-lineages found in their ancestry.

      [NOTE: More information on the racist, 
      reeking, odious ODR is found below.]

      Again, the so-called "Light Skinned Black" people 
      are simply
       `Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed' 
      (MGM-Mixed) / `Mixed-Race' people who happened 
      to have been from families that BOTH BECAME 
      THROUGHOUT their multiple generations. 

      [PLEASE NOTE that THIS IS NOT stating or implying 
       having a LIGHT-Complexioned SKIN tone 
      IS THE `ONLY' (OR even a `REQUIRED') PROOF
      of any person being OF MIXED-RACE LINEAGE

      It's simply stating that the person's Light-complexioned 
      skin coloring
       and tone is quite clearly an UNDENIABLE 
      physical PROOF of the FACT
       that their family's Ancestral 
      Lineage has been `CONTINUALLY' racially Admixed 
       (from the very first 
      occurrence of "racial" admixing up to their very present 
      generation of such – ex. Griffe marries Metis, etc.).


      THE KEY to actually being a `Multi-Generational 
      Multiracially-Mixed' (MGM-Mixed) Mixed-Race

      In order to be
       of the Mixed-Race 'type' that is 
      known as `Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed' 
      or `
      MGM-Mixed' --- one's ancestry MUST have 
      BOTH BECOME & REMAINED (at least
      racially-admixed THROUGHOUT all of their 
      family generations
       -- starting with the 

      very first occurrence of admixture 
      up unto their present generation!

      [Simply having 1 or 2 "ancient-ancestors
      who are said to have been of some 
      "other race" 
      and that are allegedly 
      found "somewhere-down-the-line" 

      (ex. a great-grand whatever of another 
      "race") -- DOES NOT -- make anyone 
      (or else nearly everyone 
      found on the planet could then (falsely) 
      claim that they are MGM-Mixed ^).
      (^Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed)]

      Being `Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed' 
      'MGM-Mixed'  REQUIRES that
       a person's 
      lineage has a "CONTINUITY-of-Admixture".


      A NOTE ON …. The Racist 
      `One-Drop' Rule (ODR):


      The 'One-Drop' Rule (ODR) --- [which is the false 
      teaching that
       'any amount' (even one, tiny, minute 
      `drop') of 
      Black ancestral lineage would make any 
      a person who is of a Mixed-Race lineage "full Black"] 
      --- is 
      quite simply nothing more than racism.

      The racist, reeking, odious ODR was created during 
      the antebellum / chattel-slavery era
       of the continental 
      by racial-supremacists in order to get people to 
       the false racist myth that the so-called White 
      "race" was "pure" … and to also 
      falsely look upon 
      the Black "racial" admixture
       (even the slightest 
      amount – down to one mere `drop') that was found 
      within a Mixed-Race person's ancestral lineage -- 
      as being a vile "taint" that was so very `filthy' 
      and `contaminated' that it literally "destroyed" 
      every single `drop' of non-Black blood that 
      was found in the persons' ancestral lineage.

      To embrace the 'One-Drop Rule' … is the 
       of BOTH embracing "racism" 
       also embracing the false and racist 
      teaching that
       a Mixed-Race person's 
      Black ancestral lineage is "tainted".

      My advice is that 
      a non-Racist should *not* 
       the concept of the 'One-Drop Rule'
      -- as "Black blood" is *not* "tainted" -- and 
      should never be perceived or embraced 
      as being so 
      (not even in the name 
      of so-called "pride" and "unity"

      The racist 'One Drop Rule' (ODR) is an offense to 
      the pride of people who are of a full-Black lineage 
      and to people who of a Mixed-Race lineage 
      includes a part-Black ancestry as well --
       and this 
      FACT is also why 
      it is not a 'unifying' force at
      -- but rather, 
      it is a racist attack on their heritages.

      In addition, legally-speaking – any attempted 
       application of the racist 'One-Drop Rule' 
       -- against any individual or group -- was 
       as UN-constitutional (i.e. made `illegal')
      by the
       United States Supreme Court in 1967 
      via the case of 'Loving vs. The State of Virginia'

      [Through the 'Loving vs. Virginia' case, the U.S. 
      Supreme Court, ruled against both all of the laws 
      banning Interracial marriage -- and -- also ruled 
      that any so-called law which forcibly applied the 
      'One Drop Rule' -- was racist, discriminatory, 
      illegal, unconstitutional, and non-enforcible.

      That decision (`The "Loving" Decision' or `The "Loving" 
      Case) struck down the racist `VA Racial Integrity Act' 
      (VRIA) and every `Anti-Miscegenation Law' (AML) found 
      in the  U.S.  — AS WELL  AS the racist, `One-Drop Rule' 
      (ODR) on which both the VRIA & the AMLs were based!]

      So … essentially … there has been no legal 
      application of the racist "ONE-DROP RULE' 
      (ODR) found within the  U.S.  SINCE 1967

      [i.e. The stench of the reeking, racist, odious ODR 
      (which openly-mocked, cruelly-degraded and also 
      falsely-accused one's black-bloodlines of being a
      `contaminated taint' that destroyed the existence 
      of any and all of one's other / non-black bloodlines)
      -- along with it's biased application and racist 
       -- has 
      legally been `cleared from 
      the air' of the U.S. since way back in 1967.

      Thus, again, there is NO SUCH THING as 
      a "Light-Skinned Black" person 
      (as these 
      individuals are quite simply `Multi-Generational 
      Multiracially-Mixed (MGM-Mixed)' Mixed-Race 
      people who are from families that have 
      been CONTINUALLY racially-admixed 
      THROUGHOUT their generations).

      For more information on this topic,
      please feel to contact me via email
      and / or to visit the websites below.

      — APGifts, Founder / Moderator
      (Generation-Mixed; MGM-Mixed
      and FGM-Mixed `Yahoo!Groups')
      © All Rights Reserved
      email: soaptalk@...

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    • multiracialbookclub
      . As noted -- even the very term of Light-Skin Black is just a Racist-Oxymoron that was created by Racial-Supremacists -- in an effort to mock and degrade
      Message 31 of 31 , Apr 20 12:19 AM
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        As noted -- 
        even the very term of "Light-Skin

        Black" is just a Racist-Oxymoron that 
        was created by Racial-Supremacists -- 
        in an effort to mock and degrade the 
        Black-Bloodlines that are found in 
        a Mixed-person's ancestral lineage.

        To choose to use any such anti-black /
        racist-terms like that of "Light-Skinned 
        Black" ... is to embrace the
        degrading) and racist-'One-Drop Rule' 
         -- which falsely-claims that any 
        black-blood ancestral-lineage is "filth".

        No non-racist should ever embrace the racist-ODR 
        or even encourage 
        or tolerate the use of any ODR-based 
        (or the 
        ridiculously-Oxymoronic and clearly-False) terms and labels 
        (such as the racist-term of "Light-Skinned Black"). 

        And yet --- a surprisingly-large number of very uninformed Black people exist --- 
        will just happily-embrace (something that's such a clear and obvious-insult to 
        themselves" known as) 
        ... the racist-ODR -- (EVEN THOUGH THE RACIST-ODR 
        WAS BANNED in the U.S. BY 
        the U.S. SUPREME COURT back in 1967 via it's 
        decision in the 'Loving vs. VA' case) 
        -- AND -- they will happily engage in such
        behavior all in their mis-guided attempts to force a 'false' black-label on
        others --only 
        to then later turn-around and try to whine about what they refer
         to as being some 
        sort of light-skin "privilege" (as if being racially-kidnapped
        should be viewed as 
        being some sort of a "privilege") ... and "colorism"

        Also -- Mixed-Race people ... [NO MATTER IF the Mixed-Race person 
        of the Mixed-Race 'Type' that is called FIRST-Generation Multiracially-Mixed
        (which is also known as '
        FGM-Mixed') -- OR -- if the Mixed-Race person is of 
        the Mixed-Race 'Type' that is called 
        MULTI-Generation Multiracially-Mixed 
        (which is also known as 'MGM-Mixed') --- (1) are NOTand also NEVER 
        were, racially-Black people; (2) NEVER requested to be 
        categorized or even viewed as 
        being racially-Black people and 
        (in the United States) ... Mixed-Race people 
        (3) were only FORCED 
        into being
         falsely-categorized as racially-Black FROM the 
        1930-'Federal' Census TO the 1967-'Loving' Case 
        (... wherein the U.S. Supreme Court AGREED that Mixed-Race is NOT 
        racially-Black -- AND -- the Supreme Court also AGREED that 
        Black-blood was and is NOT an "inferior taint" to humankind).

        AND it truly does seem that ... the ONLY people that WANT to 
        FORCIBLY appl
         the false-category and the false-label of being 
         (or want to apply the equally racist-oxymoronic 
        term of "Light-Skinned Black"onto Mixed-Race people (of any 'Type') 
        are ... EITHER the 
        (A) 'White-Supremacists'
         ... that embrace the racist-'One-Drop Rule' due to their 
        belief that Black-blood is "a filthy-taint and is  an inferior-contaminant that can only destroy"
        Image result for superiority complex
        ...OR... are the

        (B) 'Black-Inferiorists'
         ... who happily engage in racial-kidnapping 
        (in forcing a "black" categorization and label onto Mixed-Race people) 
        due to all of these Believers in 'black-inferiority' 
        so very DESPERATE that they are willing 
        to embrace the racist-'One-Drop Rule' in their
        irrational and misguided-effort 
        to attempt to EXPAND the 
        Definition of "black" beauty, 
        leadership and success via 
        act of racially-kidnapping as many of the 
        people as they possibly can 
        (particularly those of MGM-Mixed lineage).
        .. feel free to see
         the Links that are found below ... 
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