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[RE-POST] The Urban Myth of Paper-Bag, Blue-Vein & Other Features-Based 'Tests'

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    . A Commentary on ... The Urban Myth of the Allegations of the Practice of: -- Paper-Bag / Blue-Vein (Skin Color), -- Fine-Toothed Comb (Hair Texture);
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 14, 2011

      A Commentary on ... The 'Urban Myth' 
      of the Allegations of the Practice of:
      -- 'Paper-Bag' / 'Blue-Vein' (Skin Color)
      -- '
      Fine-Toothed Comb' (Hair Texture); 
      -- 'Ruler-Gauge' (Facial Features) and/or
      --- other allegedly
       "Colorism"-Based 'Tests'.



      The Long-Discredited
       (and utterly ridiculous) Urban Legend,
       that the
      Mulattoes, (or any other 
      groups that were of a part-Black / Mixed-Race 
      Ancestral Lineage
       and found on the continental United States
      had (as 
      a generally, common or other activity) engaged in the practice of any 
      sort of a 'Paper Bag' / 'Blue Vein' (skin-coloring) or a 
      'Fine Toothed 
      Comb' (hair-texture) or a 'Ruler-Gauge' (facial-features), etc. "Tests" 
      as 'a-point-of-entry' into familial (ex. dating, marriage, etc.) and / or 
      any social situations (ex. churches, fraternal orders, social clubs, etc.) 
      is quite simply NOT in any way, shape or form SUPPORTED 
      BY any type of objective or verifiable HISTORIC RECORD

      [[[[[ NOTE: 

      Other Common -- and equally-discredited -- Multiracial-Lineage
      'Bashing' Myths and Urban Legends include the following ...

      --- The "Willie Lynch Letter / Speech' Hoax
      (the letter has been repeated proven by multiple 
      historians and researchers to have 
      been total fraud); 


      --- The 'The Darker-Complexioned/Full-Black Enslaved people 
      were Traded at a Lesser-Price (i.e. The "By the Dozens"Lie
      (when historical record shows that, in reality, the darker-complexioned
      / full-black enslaved people were looked upon as being of a stronger,
      longer-lasting, better-'breeding' "thoroughbred" stock -- and thus, 
      like most other "thoroughbreds" were sold at a much higher price 
      at slave-auctions than were chattel-slaves of multiracial-lineage 
      who were generally looked upon as "mongrelized" mutts that 
      were easily produced via 'rape' and, thus, easier to 'replace');



      --- The "Light-Skin 'House' and the 
      Dark-Skin 'Field' Slave-Hierarchy Myth
      (when historical record shows that most of 
      the 'big house' slave positions -- ex. mammy, 
      driver, etc.-- were reserved for those 
      chattel-slaves that were of a 
      lineage, rather than for those who were 
      of a Mulatto or Multiracial Lineage);




      --- The "Most of the Chattel-Slaves of Mulatto 
      / Multiracial Lineage were the offspring of the 
      'Plantation Owners' and the 'Gentry' Class" Lie

      (when, in reality, what the historical record actually 
      shows is that the overwhelming vast majority of the 
      Mulatto-lineage chattel-slaves were the result of 
      rapes by the White plantation Overseers --- and 
      were not the offspring of the plantation Owners).



      http://www.amazon.com/Overseer-Plantation-Management-Old-South/dp/0820307335 ]]]]]

      The truth of the matter
       -- as shown by the historical record 
      (i.e. articles, diaries, books, reports, interviews, 
      etc.) is that -- 
      when certain of the full-Black formerly-enslaved people 
       the extent to which most Mixed-Race formerly
      enslaved people practiced
       -- much like the majority 
      of the people of the world at that time --
      (i.e. the making of the choice 
      to marry / have children 
      with someone who is a part of one's 'own group'),

      their outrage and feelings of rejection and jealousy
      caused some of them to engage in the activity of 
      Mulatto-Bashing and anti-Mulatto Rumor-Mongering.

      And it was often, this very activity that led to the 

      spreading of these urban legends and myths as 
      being "common knowledge" about the people 
      and the communities that were of Mulatto-lineage.

      The practice of 'Endogamy' (i.e. marrying "one's 
      own kind") was actually very common for people 
      of any lineage or group (including that of 
      Mulatto-lineage) and, generally, no issues
      were taken with it --- until the late 1960's 
      / early 1970's when the appearance of the 
      very divisive 'Black Power Movement' (which 
      had usurped the very successful 'Civil Rights 
      Movement') suddenly began to target and falsely
      condemn the practice of 'endogamy' by people 
      of Mulatto-lineage (and Mulatto-lineage, only) 
      as being "racist" and "colorist" against the 
      people who were of a full-Black lineage.]

      Once the antebellum (chattel-slavery) era came to an 
      end on the continental United States of America, and 
      numerous communities became established, it then
      seemed that certain of the various full-Black people 
      & families began to engage in a sharing of spurious 
      "tales" wherein they (or someone they knew) had 
      "heard about" a church, fraternity, sorority, social
      club, etc. that had both either been founded by or 
      had a number of members who were individuals of 
      a Mulatto-lineage and had also allegedly rejected 
      a full-Black person solely for having had curly hair 
      (rather than straight hair); and/or for having had 
      brown skin (rather than tan, beige, or white skin); 
      and/or for having had either non-visible or visibly 
      'green' arm veins (rather than 'blue' arm veins).

      And yet, no one ever questioned the fact that the 
      very features a person was alleged to have been
      'rejected' for having
       (ex. curly hair texture; brown skin 
      coloring; and either non-visible or 'visibly-green' arm veins; 
      etc.) were the very same features that were common 
      to 'the average' person who was of a Mulatto-lineage
      (which would have meant that the Mulattoes would have 
      then been the biggest 'rejectees' of such clubs -- rather 
      than the 'rejectors' at such clubs -- and thus, would have 
      also proven that these "clubs" simply and more than 
      likely did not and had never actually existed in reality

      However, so popular (and quite often even 
      profitable) was the spreading of these 
      urban myths and legends, that a number 
      of well-respected writers who were of 
      Mulatto-lineage (ex. Charles Chestnutt, 
      who was the author of 'The Wife of His Youth 
      and other tales') occasionally even engaged 
      in the spreading of such "yellow journalism" 
      (no pun intended) in some of their writings.

      (Hopefully, these writers were just trying 
      to create dialogue and 'pay their bills' and, 
      did not realize the public-relations damage 
      that would impact people of Mulatto-lineage 
      for generations to come as a result of the 
      spreading of these urban legends and myths.)

      Thus -- other than the urban legends, racial myths, 
      rumor-mongering and "yellow journalism"
      the alleged (and unproven) existence of any type 
      of 'Blue-Vein' Societies or implementation of any 
      type of 'Paper-Bag' or 'Fine-Toothed Comb' Tests 
      -- no actual historical evidence has ever been 
      presented that has convinced most historians 
      that any such actual 'tests' or 'societies' 
      were ever implemented
       (at least not in any 
      large numbers or as a common or frequent 
      practice) among the people of Mulatto-lineage 
      on the continental United States of America.

      If anyone is interested in more information 
      on this subject matter, please feel free to 
      contact directly at the email listed below.

      -- AllPeople (AP) Gifts
      All Rights Reserved (c)

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