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Fw: Poem - Resurrection Day ,,,corrected version

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  • pierre jefferson
                                                                 Resurrection Day            
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2011

                                                                   Resurrection Day
                  The resurrection could not have taken place if Jesus Christ
                  did not love the human race,
                  There could not have been salvation from his wounds` if
                  his body did not rise from the tomb,
                  There could not have been hope for a brighter day` if he
                  did not roll the stone away,
                  There could not have been life from the blood that he shed`
                  if he did not raise his flesh from the dead,
                  There could not have been another chance for you and me`
                  if he did not pay the price to set us free,
                  But now there will be a escape route from carnal sin` where
                  corruption and damnation has never been,
                  In his mansion of mercy awaiting all believers far far away,
                  Because Jesus Christ rose in Eternal Glory on resurrection day.
                   Pierre Andre
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