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Come mentor at FUSION Camp!

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  • Jacqueline Miller
    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Are you a... Dancer?  A musician?  A poet?  An actor?  A comedian? A crafter? An artist?  A cook? An
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2011


      Are you a...

      Dancer?  A musician?  A poet? 
      An actor?  A comedian?
      A crafter?
      An artist?  A cook?
      An athlete?
      A film maker? 
      A martial artist?


      If you have a skill and a passion for mentoring young people, come teach at FUSION Camp  

      as a volunteer! 


      What is FUSION Camp?


      FUSION is a summer day camp open to youth of all heritages, ages 7-12, with a particular focus on the mixed heritage and transracial adoptee experiences.FUSION also has a CIT program for 15-17 year olds.  


      FUSIONEERS explore identity through visual and performing arts, and participate in activities such as martial arts, cooking, and outdoor sports.  The experiences of being mixed heritage and/or transracially adopted are also expressed through daily discussions and projects, which are facilitated by our dynamic trained staff, who are themselves, mixed heritage and/or transracially adopted.



      If you would like to be a community mentor and can teach a workshop...  

      We ask that you commit to  

      2-3 times a week for both weeks,  

      for a total of 6-10 hours  

      over the course of the camp.   

      We are more than willing to do what we can to accommodate  

      your schedule.   

      This is a volunteer position!


      I can't volunteer,  

      but I'd like to help...
      We welcome secure, tax deductible donations on our website,

      and we gratefully accept in-kind donations. 

      Please see our wishlist for details!



      When is FUSION?

      July 25th- August 5th  2011

      Program hours are  

      9 AM - 4 PM each day

      for 2 weeks 

      Monday- Friday 



      Where is FUSION?


      FUSION is located at Redwood Day School,

      3245 Sheffield Avenue, Oakland, CA 94602



      How do I get in touch?

      Please contact  

      Joemy Ito-Gates

      Founder & Director

      with any questions!




      Become a fan on facebook!

      Find us on Facebook 




      10 Flip Cameras

      10 Digital Cameras

      Tempera paint

      Paint brushes

      Assortment of art paper

      Sports equipment

      New white t-shirts

      New or gently used games


      Contact us if you would like to donate any items!





      Please pass this email along to other community members who might be interested in being  

      a mentor at FUSION Camp!  


      FUSION / P.O. Box 11811 / Berkeley, California 94712 / 510-414-8686
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