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Announcement: We are also a Community of NING ! =D

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  • multiracialbookclub
    .. Here is our exciting, new and big announcement to all of our Gen-Mixed group of family & friends !!!! [;;)] Our community (along with all of our
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2010

      Here is our exciting, new and big 'announcement' to
      all of our '
      Gen-Mixed' group of "family" & 'friends' !!!!  ;;)

      Our community (along with all of our related videos, 
      forums, groups, blogs, photo albums and much more) 
      is also found over at and is a big part of 'Ning'. =D>

      The word 'Ning' is said to mean "peace" in Chinese and
      thus --- 
      because we are a caring community of supportive and
      like-minded people who are dedicated to the idea of peace, 
      harmony and unity among people of all types found worldwide

      --- it only seemed to make perfect sense for us to both create 
      and let people know about our new sites found at 'Ning.com' 


      All of our current community members are most definitely 
      encouraged to BOTH
       hop onto the information highway and 
      to stop-in for a visit over at (as well as to register to join) 
      our fantastic new 'Ning.com' sites AND to also feel free to
      forward invitations (via the sites) to
       the email addresses of
      anyone whom 
      they are confident would like to learn more of and / or 
      'get in the MIX" and "join the community' at the 'NING' sites. :)

      Those who choose to join are actively welcomed 
      & encouraged to fully 
      participate incomment-on
      submit-suggestions regarding; post-threads 
      ; etc. BOTH the 'Yahoo!' and the 'Ning' sites.

      Have a great day – and please feel free to join in
      with your Gen-Mixed "family" and 'friends' – as
      we celebrate in our `Ning' as `a community'!

      -- AllPeople ("AP") Gifts


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