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Poems: Book Cover - Power of Love - The Package

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  • pierre jefferson
          Book Cover   You cant judge a book by its cover you must read whats inside, But don t believe every word you read let your conscious be your
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2010
                                  Book Cover
      You cant judge a book by its cover
      you must read whats inside,

      But don't believe every word you read
      let your conscious be your guide,

      If its too good to be true
      then really read it well,

      For some books have things inside
      that are designed to make it sell,

      Don't become a victim
      of a well written lie,

      Like a dark well of intent
      that may promise you the sky,

      Beautiful colors that are actually
      dark shades of gray,

      Painting a picture of trust
      in every word that they say,

      People are like books
      sitting on a shelf,

      Full of information that
      they may hide from someone else,

      Only showing the pages
      that will not reveal the truth,

      Like a Dentist smiling in your face
      while pulling out your tooth,

      For pain has its purpose
      to warn us of something wrong,

      Yet poetry is rhyming words
      set into a song,

      Yes beauty can come as a friend
      and [yet still] lead you astray,

      So be careful of the words you read
      and let your Heart guide the way.
      All Rights Reserved (c)
      Pierre Andre 2010
                                  The Package
      You can not mistreat a man and
      expect him to return kindness to you.

        Because when you turn your head to somebody's pain
      then that pain may reappear as something new,

      In a unmarked package
      were the sender is not known
      for you will recognize the recipient
      for all the violations that are shown,
      This package belongs to you because
      you're the one who put all the contents inside,
      Personal judgments and illegal stamps
      that the post office does not provide,
      PO box numbers and precincts
      that the mail man does not know,
      where zip codes and innuendos can not go,  
      Yes when you send out this package
      it will always come back home to stay,
      So be careful who you may mistreat
      by what you drop in the mail today.

      All Rights Reserved (c)
      Pierre Andre 2010
                                  The Power of Love
      Don`t let a sour face
      take the sweetness out your smile,
      Hang on to your light like the stars in the night,
      and your spirit will remain peaceful and mild,

      Don`t let anger spoil your day
      for it needs something to hurt,
      For one person won't give you a dime
      but another will give you his shirt,
      Where another will return your kindness
      with a warm and gentle heart,
      The place where forgiveness or
      the seeds of revenge have their start,
      The place where you can tame a lion
      or comfort a frightened dove,
      The place where spirits can find healing
      restoration inside the gentle power of Love.

      All Rights Reserved (c)
      Pierre Andre 2010

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