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Bone Marrow Drive -- Match Tests Needed ... IMMEDIATELY !

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  • multiracialbookclub
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2010



      Jennifer Jones Austin is the wife of Shawn Austin [her husband of nearly 16 years] 
      and the mother of two beautiful children, (a daughter age 12 and a son 8) ...
      Jen's recent diagnosis with a life-threatening illness, Acute Myeloid Leukemia,
      has changed the landscape of her life and the lives of those who love her.
      The youngest of her four siblings, Jen is often the center of family activities. ...
      As a fierce and accomplished advocate for children and families, she has dedicated
      herself for nearly 20 years professionally as an attorney in the private and public sectors.
      Her goal [of] going into law school was to become a corporate attorney, but the
      pull of social issues concerning children and families was too great to resist.
      Jen followed her passion.
      Throughout her career she has worked to enhance the lives of
      disenfranchised children and their families, working to improve their
      chances for better health, education and a safe, living environment.
      Jennifer's efforts have benefited thousands of people across New York State and beyond ...
      Jen served as New York City's first Family Services Coordinator, a position
      to which she was appointed by Mayor Bloomberg after four years as a
      Deputy Commissioner in the City's Administration for Children's Services.
      As Family Services Coordinator, she was responsible for leading
      multiple interagency initiatives for children and families.
      She also played a lead coordination role in developing
      and advancing the Mayor's anti-poverty initiatives.
      She also served as Civil Rights Deputy Bureau Chief for Policy,
      Legislation and Public Outreach for then-Attorney General Eliot Spitzer,
      and as the Vice President of Development for LearnNow/Edison Schools Inc.
      Jen attended Rutgers University as an undergraduate before obtaining her
      law degree from Fordham Law School, and a Master's degree at NYU.
      She is a member of the Brooklyn Chapter of Jack and Jill, Inc., and
      a board member of several organizations serving children and families.
      She has been a dedicated member of the Bethany Baptist Church in Brooklyn for over 35 years,
      where her father, the late Reverend William Augustus Jones II served as pastor for 43 years.
      Jen is wise beyond her years, loving, funny, and always willing to listen.
      She is an amazing person and is greatly loved by many.
      Now Jen needs us to be her advocate to fight for her life so she can continue her work
      to bless the children and families (including her own) who need her on their side!

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