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Re: Fw: New Racial Catorgorizing

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  • rosanna_armendariz
    Yes, I totally agree. America is obsessed with creating racial divisions. I find it rather bizarre that Hispanic is considered an ethnicity or a culture,
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 5, 2009
      Yes, I totally agree. America is obsessed with creating racial divisions.
      I find it rather bizarre that "Hispanic" is considered an ethnicity or a culture, while "African-American" is considered a race. There are racially mixed persons in BOTH of those groups. In actuality, the MAJORITY of African-Americans AND Latinos have some sort of mixing in their background.
      Really, I think the whole idea of race is a joke. We should only be asked to identify w/ethnicity or culture, if we choose any, rather than race.

      I live in the US/Mexico border region, and I have seen what you are talking about. Light-skinned persons of Mexican descent identify as White, while darker individuals may identify as Mestizo. The funny thing is often these different pigmented individuals are in the same family! For instance, my husband is dark-skinned while his sister is very fair. Does this mean they are different races?? How can they be if they have the same parents? The whole thing is absurd.

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      Subject: New Racial Catorgorizing
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      Hi. I wanted to get different opinons about this. My daughter handed me this letter she got from the school about racial catorgories. On file, my daughter is Multi-racial. Well, that wasn't enough. They wanted me to be specific. I called her father, who is hispanic, and asked him what race does he identify with. Of coarse he said to put her down as black and American Indian.

      I talked to his cousin, which is my friend, to ask if she recieved the same letter. She told me yes. On her letter it had a section for race and ethicity. To make a long story short, she put her son down as white. I was like why. She said that since he is light-skinned, someone suggested that. I was puzzled. She even told her boyfriend, which is also hispanic, that he would be classified as white. Now he is dark-skinned with curley hair. I was puzzled. His father is supposedly of African heritage as well.

      To me, they are more American Indian than anything. This country has always used race to divide Americans, now they are trying to divide Hispanics by forcing them to put down their race. What a Nation we live in.

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