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Re: 'Leo Felton' -- A Mixed-Race Racist / Racial Supremacist

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  • rosanna_armendariz
    Thank you for sharing this unfortunate story regarding Leo Felton, an individual obviously suffering from extreme self-hatred. It seems that his mother messed
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      Thank you for sharing this unfortunate story regarding Leo Felton, an individual obviously suffering from extreme self-hatred. It seems that his mother messed him up when he was a kid. And then when he ended up in prison, that really sent him over the edge. Like I said, prison is a very racially polarized environment and every inmate has to get w/a group for protection. So I can see how a white-looking mixed-race man might end up w/the aryans and then brainwash himself into believing their dogma. Very sad.

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      Leo Felton

      Leo Vincelette Felton (born in 1970 in Silver Spring, Maryland)
      is a man who is of a White / Black Mixed-Race ancestral lineage
      -- and who also happens to be a White supremacist as well.

      Felton was convicted of bank robbery and of also
      plotting to blow up both the "black" and Jewish
      landmarks throughout Boston, Massachusetts.

      The Early Years

      Leo's father, Calvin Felton (b. 1930), is a Mixed-Race
      man whose origins are 1/2-Black and 1/2-White,
      while his mother, Corinne Vincelette (b. 1931),
      is a former nun is actually of Jewish descent.

      When Leo was two years old, his mother suddenly
      announced herself to be a lesbian; divorced his father;
      started a new life with another Jewish woman; used
      her personal connections to take custody of Leo; and
      then decided to raise him in an all-White suburb ---
      along with her new partner's two all-White children.

      When he was 9 years old, his mother decided that she also
      wanted to now have him institutionalize (a decision that
      both he and his father agree that this was unnecessary)
      and he was sent to the Psychiatric Institute of Washington.

      According to a psychologist's report prepared before
      his sentencing, Felton now sees himself as
      "his mother's `social experiment' -- a physical
      manifestation of ''her ... views about race in society".

      The story of Felton's institutionalization,
      as described in the court psychologist's
      report, is a disturbing one.

      He spent most of the next four years in
      various hospitals and residential homes.
      According to Leo, after a few months, each
      institution tried to discharge him, but each
      time his mother was able to convince the
      people in charge that Leo "needed" to stay
      --- [even] over the objections of his father.

      (Leo Felton's Father, Calvin, who has one White parent and one Black parent
      -- protested against Felton's mother's constant institutionalizing of his son.)

      When state school administrators concluded
      that Felton did not need further residential
      treatment, his mother hired an attorney,
      sued and got the decision reversed.

      Though Felton and his father say he did not have any
      serious psychological problems before he went into
      these institutions, by the time he came out, at the
      age of 14, he was angry, confused and antisocial.

      He "felt marginalized,'' he says.

      ''My whole world prior to prison was White,''.
      ''My experience was nothing `Mixed' or
      "black" or `Multicultural' … Ever!''

      Thereafter he committed a series of petty thefts
      which "he" has attributed to a combination of his
      institutionalization --- along with his new-found
      belief that his body contained some varying
      degrees of "aggressive Black-"Racial" DNA".

      The Prison Years

      He was imprisoned between 1990 and 2001
      for the assault against / attempted murder
      of a cab driver during a road rage incident.

      While incarcerated Felton began to observe how
      different "races" reacted when societal stigmas
      over racism were not in action to civilize conduct.

      He claims that the Whites in prison were under a
      continual state of siege by the `non-White' "races".

      In prison he became an organizer for White supremacist
      day groups, organizing book reviews and exercise while
      [clearly] obscuring the fact of his Mixed-Race ancestry.

      Felton's transformation -- what he called ''the circuitous-
      route I took to becoming 'White,' in quotation marks''
      -- started, he said, as soon as he arrived in prison.

      He spent the first two years of his sentence in New York
      City, first in the Brooklyn Correctional Facility
      and then on Riker's Island.

      Descent into Racial Supremacy

      What he encountered in prison was a prison culture that
      was violent and frightening and racially-segregated.

      Whites were in the minority and felt threatened.
      "There was definitely a siege mentality among Whites.''

      Felton began to extrapolate from the black prisoners
      around him to "Black culture" at large.
      What he was seeing on Riker's Island, he
      decided, was "the true face of Black" …

      He stopped telling people about his half-Black
      father, and he found that his fellow inmates
      just assumed he was a mono-racial 'White'.

      He belonged, he decided, on the
      White side of the prison's color-divide.

      While he was in prison, he said,
      ''the idea of "White culture"
      became symbolic to me.
      I mythologized it.''

      ''The only people that I had anything in common
      with all happened to be White,'' he said. '
      'We were surrounded on all sides
      by `an antagonistic alien presence'.
      We stuck together.''

      Looking back on the teasing he'd received as a child,
      he found himself taking the side of his tormentors.

      He stopped blaming the racists who
      had antagonized him in his youth.

      Instead, he blamed his parents …
      for "transgressing against
      the laws of nature"

      It was easy for Felton to convince himself that
      his evolving racist beliefs were innate and
      instinctive, even fundamentally human.

      But that didn't satisfy him.

      Despite the fact that he never graduated from high school,
      Felton is in many ways an intellectual, and he wanted to
      be able to intellectualize his own racial anxiety, to find a
      coherent philosophy that could let him understand his own
      place in the divided racial world that he saw around him.

      He is a man who likes arguments and diatribes
      and doesn't like being wrong, and he wanted
      to be able "to build an airtight case", with
      citations and footnotes, for his racist beliefs.

      Felton began reading pamphlets and magazines
      distributed by contemporary American fascist
      groups, and he read the writings of Adolf
      Hitler and various Nazi ideologues.

      But he couldn't escape one crucial
      fact in those racist doctrines: ---
      race, for them, was "a biological fact".

      Felton, to those writers, and to most of the racists with
      whom he had begun to correspond and associate, was
      indisputably [both viewed and also categorized as
      being] "black" (whatever his appearance) and thus
      part of an "inferior race", someone to be shunned.

      It was a situation that seemed to Felton not so
      much ontologically `wrong' as simply "unfair".

      ''I had an investment in these ideas that
      most people in `the movement' didn't have,''
      he said, ''despite their blond hair and blue eyes.''

      Then in 1995 he discovered a book that
      offered him `a way out': ''Imperium,''
      a strange work of philosophy and "occult religion"
      written just after World War II by an American
      fascist named Francis Parker Yockey.

      ''The main thing to understand in Yockey's idea of race,''
      Felton explained …, ''is that he considered it to have its
      center-of-gravity "in the spirit" rather than "in biology"."

      He considered the National Socialist''
      -- or Nazi -- ''concept of race to be a
      product of 19th-century materialism.''

      The quote from ''Imperium'' that Felton
      was most eager to draw to … was …:
      ''Race is, in the first instance, what a man feels.''

      According to ''Imperium,'' the world was on the cusp
      of the ''greatest of all battles in 5,000 years of history.''

      The ''historical Mission'' at hand was ''the saving
      of the Western Civilization from decadence
      within and from the barbarian without.''

      And who would take part in this crusade?

      Not just biologically White men, Yockey wrote, but
      ''any man who shares the feeling of this Mission,
      and any group which shares it, regardless
      of the derivation of the man or group.''

      For Felton, in his prison cell,
      this idea changed everything.

      Race was a choice;
      it was what a man feels,
      and Felton knew he felt White.

      By defending "White culture", he would literally become
      [the racist definition of being mono-racially] White
      -- as "pure" as anyone else who shared the same beliefs.

      It was a solution, but not a completely satisfactory one.

      Very few in the movement, Felton knew, had ever
      read Yockey, and most of them weren't likely to
      adopt Yockey's "spiritual definition" of "race"
      even if they did make it through his dense prose.

      This meant that Felton was going to have to keep lying.

      As he recalled …, ''The pervasive racial
      materialism in `the movement' would
      require me to give only half-of-the-truth
      to my comrades as to my own racial-biology,
      but I felt that `in the wider sweep
      of things' this would not matter.''

      It wouldn't matter, he thought, because of his
      intense level of commitment to `the cause' ...

      ''Under such circumstances I saw
      nothing immoral in my `withholding
      of part of my genealogy from them."

      Felton's deception worked.

      Not only was he accepted as White;
      other White prisoners also began
      to turn to him for "racial"-instruction.

      He was transferred to Attica, in upstate New
      York, where in the late 90's there was
      already a well-organized racist faction.

      There were 60 or 70 White prisoners
      in C Block, where Felton was held.

      Of those, 20 were allowed to come to the
      two tables in the mess hall that Felton and
      others had reserved for the ''politicized.''

      Felton lent books to prospective racists who
      wanted a grounding in history, and he took
      part in informal debates in the yard or at dinner.

      He drew an elaborate comic book, one that he
      hoped would find an audience well beyond the
      walls of his prison, about a violent series of
      racist attacks by a lone-wolf terrorist bent on
      overthrowing the United States government.

      (Felton's comics told stories of violent Aryan heroes
      — but he couldn't make his life mimic his art.)

      He was transferred from one prison to another during
      the last few years of his incarceration and made
      connections with racists and neo-Nazis in each one.

      When he was moved to Northern State Prison,
      outside of Newark, in 2000, he assumed
      "an official leadership position" for the first
      time and created an intricate system of
      racist-education and indoctrination for
      `a selected group' of White prisoners.

      ''It became codified,'' he recalled.
      ''We had mandatory workouts,
      mandatory book reports.
      I had a whole curriculum developed.
      I kind of took pride in it.
      It was a really good thing.''

      He discovered that the New Jersey prison system had
      a program in place that allowed prisoners to borrow
      books from public libraries anywhere in the state.

      He made a list of the books he thought his charges
      needed to read and tracked them all down.

      ''We'd all go down to the library and fill out
      these slips for interlibrary loan,'' he said.

      ''When the book arrived, we'd throw one of the
      guys in the copy room at the library a pack
      of cigarettes to make copies for us.''

      Felton's reading list was demanding:
      Yockey, Nietzsche, Spengler.

      Felton's group, usually about a dozen men,
      would meet once a week in the yard
      to discuss the assigned reading.

      Felton had not only found a flock to "belong" to
      ---- he had also become [one of it's] shepherds …

      The Bomb Plot

      Soon after his release in January 2001, Felton set up
      a small-scale desktop counterfeiting operation
      in his home, making 20's and 50's on his
      computer, using a scanner and a color printer.

      He would walk around the North End of Boston,
      using the counterfeit bills to buy gum or a sandwich
      at each little corner store, trading bad money for good.

      Felton said he was amazed to find out how easy
      it was `to conceal himself' in "the civilian world".

      He would walk down the street … his swastika tattoos
      hidden under long sleeves, his shaved head covered with a
      baseball cap, and nobody knew that he was `on a mission'.

      While out of prison and still married to his wife
      Lisa, Felton began to have an affair with Erica
      Chase, a 21 year old White supremacist
      then living in Michigan City, Indiana.

      When Felton was in prison, his communications with
      Chase focused on racial politics and a series of chores
      that Felton needed Chase's help with -- mostly moving
      books and papers for his reading assignments,
      from one prisoner to another, through the mail.

      As his relationship with Lisa disintegrated,
      though, Felton's conversations with
      Chase became more romantic.

      In early April, she bought a gun from her boss
      at the car dealership where she worked and
      drove from Indiana to Boston to meet Felton.

      Chase moved into an apartment that Felton
      had rented for them both in the North End.

      According to the testimony of Chase's friend Kathy
      McGaffigan, a racist taking classes at Harvard,
      Felton seemed jumpy and paranoid during this period.

      When she visited them at their apartment, she noticed
      that he had smashed-in the door-buzzer system,
      apparently because he believed that people on the
      street could use it to listen in on his conversations.

      Together Leo and Erica robbed a bank and forged
      money to buy materials to create a fertilizer bomb.

      It is unclear what the target was to
      be, but it is believed to have been a
      Holocaust museum in New England or
      the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge.

      He also desired to assassinate
      high profile "blacks "and Jews

      As is the case with many other White supremacists
      ----- his motivations were to ignite a race war.

      An attendant at a Dunkin Donuts doughnut shop
      spotted a counterfeit they tried to pass him.

      The clerk refused to take it and showed
      it to a police officer who happened to
      be waiting in line for a doughnut.

      Chase and Felton were both arrested.

      For Felton, though, the real struggle was just
      beginning and the worst was yet to come.

      The nadir would come two months after
      Aryan Unit One crashed and burned.

      In June 2001, as the prosecutors prepared
      their case against him, the media broke
      the news that Felton had one "black"
      [i.e. Mixed-Race] parent and one White one.

      On June 21, the `Boston Herald `revealed Felton's
      full racial background to a reading audience
      that had already become riveted by the
      strange tale of the "hub bomb plot."

      Felton's "racial unmasking" was
      his worst nightmare come true.

      The week the story broke, he tried to commit
      suicide by slicing his own jugular vein.

      After learning of his Mixed-Race ancestry, many of
      Felton's comrades then agreed to testify against him.

      When he stood trial in federal court, his defense in the
      hands of a Jewish attorney, he watched Thomas Struss
      and a parade of Chase's friends testify against the couple.

      An all-white jury convicted him of multiple charges of
      counterfeiting, bank-robbery and conspiracy and Felton
      was sentenced to 21 years in 2002 for bank robbery,
      conspiracy to commit bank robbery and other crimes.

      [[[A few days later, recovering from the
      suicide attempt, Felton penned a long letter
      in small, neat script to the 'Herald' writer
      who had made his Mixed-Race roots public.

      "By a disastrous and completely unforeseeable
      turn of events,"he lamented, "I have been
      splashed all over newspapers and televisions
      in a major city, with my biology and my politics
      (or the government's contorted version
      thereof) at the forefront of the whole thing.

      I have been publicly vilified and had my
      one 'skeleton,' namely my "racial origin,
      put on display in the worst imaginable way,
      alienating me from the only community I've
      known since I was and undermining the few
      meaningful relationshipsI had with other people.
      This latter element [the 'skeleton'] is in fact the
      reason I opened my jugular veins last Saturday night."

      Expressing the hope that his letter would be published
      "in its entirety without changes or redactions"
      — it was not — Felton went on to preach against
      'the "evil" of his parents' miscegenation'.

      "I am what I am," he concluded.
      "Contaminated, falsely condemned,
      and alienated from my comrades.
      But a lover of Nature nonetheless,
      and a lover of the West, and
      ever an unrepentant enemy
      of the Multi-Cultural myth."

      The letter was signed, "damned and
      defiant, Leo Vincelette Felton."]]]

      He [now] states that he no longer believes
      "wholeheartedly" in `the cause' that once
      became his reason for life, but he has not
      renounced or distanced himself from
      his former White supremacist views.

      Reactions to the story of Leo Felton have been varied
      … many "black" commentators who claim that --
      --- in a race-blind society ----- all should be able
      to claim whatever racial ancestry one likes.

      He has faced disbelief or intrigue from many Whites and
      constant mockery from both Racist and Anti-Racist groups.

      In his recent book ''Interracial Intimacies,''
      Randall Kennedy explores the tangled
      history of "Racial" `Passing' in America.

      [The concept of "racial"] `Passing' ''has always
      constituted something of a challenge to
      racist regimes,'' Kennedy writes.

      [Mixed-Race people who were categorized] as "black" –
      [yet] appear to be [the racist definition of mono-racially]
      `White' were seen by segregationists ''as an insidious danger
      that threatened to infect fatally the American body politic:
      the passers might, it was feared, 'contaminate' White
      bloodlines by marrying unsuspecting Caucasians.''

      Those fears led to an exacting legal attempt in the
      20th century to define precisely where `White'
      [categorization] ends and "black" [categorization] begins.

      As Kennedy traces in his book, ''until 1910 Virginia
      law classified as `White' anyone who was no more
      than one-quarter Black; after 1910 the allowable
      fraction was reduced to one-sixteenth.''

      Finally in 1924 the State Legislature decreed that ''the term
      'White person' shall apply only to the person who has no
      trace whatsoever of any blood other than Caucasian.''

      This was one of the infamous ''one drop'' laws that
      contended that [the racist definition of mono-racial]
      `Whiteness' could be defined, and defended, absolutely.

      In reality, of course, "race" in America
      has been anything but clear-cut.

      Leo Felton was part of a long tradition of men and
      women who have chosen to move themselves across
      "racial"-lines, whether out of self-"improvement",
      self-`denial', self-deception or simple confusion.

      The questions of `identity' he has wrestled with
      are fundamental to the history, literature and
      politics of race in the United States.

      Two ideas chased each other around and
      around in Felton's head his entire adult life.

      One was that "race" is `an absolute "biological" fact'.

      ("It is natural and genetic and entirely human",
      he says he believed, "for Whites to stay with
      Whites and Blacks to stay with Blacks".)

      The second, opposing, idea was that "race"
      is `an imaginary "social" construct'.

      (''I don't for one moment feel like I did anything wrong
      by choosing not to define myself according to the way
      other people wanted to define me,'' he said ….
      ''Those definitions are not things in themselves.
      They're not a priori true.
      They're legal fictions.'' )

      It is something of a paradox that the most coherent
      intellectual support for Felton's decision to "pass"
      [himself off as fitting the racist definition of mono-racial]
      `White' comes [from] intellectuals like Kennedy, who
      concludes his chapter on "passing" by positioning that
      ''a well-ordered multiracial society ought to allow its
      members free entry into and exit from racial categories,
      even if the choices they make clash with traditional
      understandings of who is "black" and who is 'White,'
      and even if, despite making such choices in good faith,
      individuals mislead observers who rely
      on conventional racial signaling.''

      Felton's subterranean `journey into Whiteness' came during
      a historical moment in which many Americans, particularly
      those of his generation, were redefining their "races" in a
      very different way from the way Felton did: identifying
      themselves, in growing numbers, as Multi-Racial.

      Felton is in many ways … a throwback to
      a bygone racial trope: the ''Tragic Mulatto''
      of books like Mark Twain's ''Pudd'nhead Wilson''
      and William Faulkner's ''Light in August.''

      [He] was a man at war not just with
      the government but with history itself.

      After he recovered from his suicide attempt, Felton
      found himself unmoored, and to some extent, he still is.

      When he talks about the racist ideas he embraced a
      decade ago, his speech is still rapid-fire and confident,
      even bombastic, full of quotations from Nietzsche and
      the well-honed syllogisms he practiced in the prison yard.

      But when he tries to explain what he believes
      today, he becomes awkward and halting.

      There are lots of pauses and stutters and conclusions
      like ''The situation really hasn't gelled yet''
      or ''It's just a very weird time.''

      Just as he did when he first arrived in prison,
      Felton is once more re-evaluating his past.

      ''It's not a thing where I'm a
      reformed racist,'' he said recently.

      ''This whole idea of falling down at the feet of the left
      and begging forgiveness, that's not going to happen.

      But it's funny how long ago it seems sometimes.

      It's almost hard to imagine the way that it felt back then.''

      Now that Felton has had time to come to terms with
      his "race" being `public', he is looking for a new flock.

      ''I need to connect with other "Beige people",'' he wrote ….
      ''I suspect in prison I will always live among Whites,
      but if there is at all some way for me to fix my center
      of gravity in "something Beige", that's what I want.''

      [Erica] Chase, who is serving a five-year sentence,
      [says] that she had abandoned the Racist cause.
      The reason … was that learning Felton's `true "racial"
      identity' had caused her to rethink everything. '

      "She was in love with me, and I'm not just-White,''
      Felton said …''It was something that
      undermined her concept of race.''

      It is exactly the fear that White supremacists in the early
      20th century had about racial "passing" -- that "black"
      [i.e. Mixed-Race] men "passing" as [fitting the racist
      definition of being mono-racially] `White' would
      seduce `White' women and convert them to a
      new and more liberal understanding of "race".

      The greatest twist of Leo Felton's career as a revolutionary
      is that after years of effort to win `White' America over
      from Multi-Culturalism to Racism, the one person
      he managed to convert was Erica Chase, a
      Racist he has turned into a Multi-Culturalist.

      Felton's message was that "racial" divisions were
      sacrosanct and undeniable; his life has showed that,
      in reality, those lines are hard to find and easy to cross.



      An interesting note on `prison gangs':


      Related Links:

      On Being Mixed-Race:


      On The One-Drop Rule:


      On Passing:


      On The Tragic Mulatto:


      On Multi-Racials who play The Blame-Game:


      Other Examples of Self-Hatred:


      Occasionally one meets a person whose heritage contains,
      in part, an ancestral lineage which they clearly despise
      and who become so filled with arrogance, ignorance,
      contempt and hatred for said lineage that they target
      their own self-hatred and shame at anyone with whom
      they identify as being related in whole (or --if
      acknowledged-- even in part) with said lineage.

      The recent rise in the "Malevolently-Militant Multiracial"
      (MMM/ 3M) `Racist / Anti-Black' Groups and Individuals
      clearly demonstrate that this `tragedy' is not limited
      by any Ethnic origin or a given Racial-admixture.

      A few more famous of the examples of people
      who are known for hating those who they feel
      represent 'a part of themselves and their ancestry'
      which they wish they could disown' include,
      but certainly is not limited to, the following:

      --- Dan Burros
      (Jewish Neo-Nazi and Klansman)

      --- Frank Collin
      (quondam Neo-Nazi of a Jewish father --
      anti-semitic / racial-supremacist and the
      Nazi leader of the attempted Skokie, IL march)

      --- Andrew Britt Greenbaum
      (part-Jewish anti-semitic/racial-supremacist)

      --- Davis Wolfgang Hawke
      (Jewish Neo-Nazi)

      --- William Potter Gale
      (part-Jewish anti-semitic/racial-supremacist)

      --- Jordan Gollub
      (part-Jewish anti-semitic/racial-supremacist)

      --- Dylan "Yassenoff" Klebold
      (one of the `Columbine' shooters who was a
      part-Jewish anti-semitic/racial-supremacist)

      --- Adolph Hitler & various Nazi party leaders
      (part-Jewish anti-semitic/racial-supremacists)

      There were many part-Jewish Nazis who gladly worked
      for Adolph Hitler (said to have been ¼ Jewish himself)
      under a "special exemption" (many of these were
      signed by Adolf Hitler himself) in a legal provision
      known as the "Deutschblütigkeitserklärung"
      (or literally, 'the Declaration of German Blood').

      These people included, but
      were not limited, the following:

      Helmut Schmidt / Erhard Milch / Anton Mayer /
      Bernhard Rogge / Wolfram von Richthofen /
      Helmut Wilbe / Hermann Aub / etc.)

      Vladimir Zhirinovsky


      Photo of Leo Felton

      Photo of Leo Felton's father
    • meticreole2
      Very much so a lose-lose sitch.. rosanna_armendariz wrote: Thank you for sharing this unfortunate story regarding Leo Felton, an
      Message 2 of 9 , Sep 10, 2009
        Very much so a "lose-lose" sitch..

        "rosanna_armendariz" <rosanna_armendariz@...> wrote:

        Thank you for sharing this unfortunate story regarding Leo Felton, an individual obviously suffering from extreme self-hatred. It seems that his mother messed him up when he was a kid. And then when he ended up in prison, that really sent him over the edge. Like I said, prison is a very racially polarized environment and every inmate has to get w/a group for protection. So I can see how a white-looking mixed-race man might end up w/the aryans and then brainwash himself into believing their dogma. Very sad.
      • rosanna_armendariz
        I agree. As it so happens, I know about this from personal experience. I have an adopted brother from whom I m estranged due to his drug addiction and
        Message 3 of 9 , Sep 11, 2009
          I agree. As it so happens, I know about this from personal experience. I have an adopted brother from whom I'm estranged due to his drug addiction and criminal lifestyle. He is mixed-race (as am I, and my parents, which is part of the reason he was placed w/my family-- the misguided idea of keeping children with "their own kind."), and he has been incarcerated several times over the years. From what I understand he has had to go to great lengths to survive the racially polarized prison environment, including faking suicide attempts and symptoms of psychosis in order to be removed from the general population. The last time he was in prison my mother said that he'd joined a White group. I don't know if by this she meant White supremacist, but i wouldn't be surprised. I'm sure he'd do whatever it takes to stay alive.

          In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
          "meticreole2" <kahlilc@...> wrote:

          Very much so a "lose-lose" sitch..

          "rosanna_armendariz" <rosanna_armendariz@> wrote:

          Thank you for sharing this unfortunate story regarding Leo Felton, an individual obviously suffering from extreme self-hatred. It seems that his mother messed him up when he was a kid. And then when he ended up in prison, that really sent him over the edge. Like I said, prison is a very racially polarized environment and every inmate has to get w/a group for protection. So I can see how a white-looking mixed-race man might end up w/the aryans and then brainwash himself into believing their dogma. Very sad.
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