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Re: r.e. Very Interesting!!!!!

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  • Rosanna
    Thank you so much, Ricky! Well, there you have it folks--straight from the horse s mouth! The man s been working for the census for 20 yrs, so he should know
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      Thank you so much, Ricky! Well, there you have it folks--straight from the horse's mouth! The man's been working for the census for 20 yrs, so he should know what he's talking about. I hope everybody remembers this when they get their forms in the mail.

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      Ricky Turner <redcat2242@...> wrote:

      Hi Folks,

          New to the group. Just want to co-sign on this thought. I have been a census researcher for the last 20 years. The ONLY way mixed people will be recognized is through the census. This was a right that was completely taken away from us in 1920. Now it is back and we must Stand Up and be recognized. For researchers it is the only way to know who, what and where are mixed people. It is also important as a way of studying the quality of life of mixed race people--as you should all know that it is better to be mixed in some cities than in others! OK, enough ranting. Me? I have roots on both sides from tri-racial (English, Native, African) peoples in Virginia and North Carolina with German and Cuban thrown in.

      Ricky Turner


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      Amen to that! Let's stand up and be counted on the 2010 Census!

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      Heather Stimmel <heather21230@ ...> wrote:

       I definitely agree with you, regarding the importance of ALL multi-ethnic individuals to identify as such. I realize there are many "reasons" why people tend to identify with one, as opposed to the whole; however... I, too, think that, unless we ALL take a stand for this cause and our entire heritage, this is something those in charge of the government will throw by the wayside and dismiss as they have been, for many, many years. Given their position in society, I do have to wonder, though, why it is that actors, actresses, famous athletes and so on... why they choose, over and over again, to choose one over their entire identity. They have the public platform to make America aware of multiracial individuals and their existence, and yet... many of them choose not to do so. Then, again, I should certainly give credit to those who have done so... i.e. Tiger Woods, Cree Summer, Alicia Keys, Derek Jeter and many others. It's easy to overlook the "few" who do voice their identities; whereas, it's not that simple to ignore the ones who don't... if you're even aware that they are, in fact, multiracial, instead of one or the other. For the awareness and acceptance of multiracial people to become reality, we have to start somewhere. If not, our children and our children's children will continue to live in a society (world) where they will never be accepted, and valued, for who they really are... and, that breaks my heart to think that will be the case.

      "Our lives begin to end the day we
      become silent about things that matter."
      -Martin Luther King, Jr.
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