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Re: [Generation-Mixed] Multiethnic Study

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  • James Taylor
    Thank you Lynn. I appreciate your support. James ________________________________ From: wintyreeve@aol.com To:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 20, 2009
      Thank you Lynn. I appreciate your support.

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      Interesting study...
      It seems there is just as much confusion as "perceived discrimination" .
      1) Most forms that ask you to identify race include only one box per race
      2) If you check more than one box, often your answer is "invalid" or the computer/system will not accept it
      Now if you insist on being identified as multi-ethnic, the person will usually get confused, insist you check only one box, or just shrug as say "I don't care".
      Which is interesting bc if they don't care, and you can check ANY box, then what does race really mean?
      Good luck on your study :)

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