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Re: Poem - The Power of Love

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  • Heather
    Another amazing piece=) Keep em coming;) In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com, pierre jefferson wrote:        The Power of
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 5, 2009
      Another amazing piece=) Keep 'em coming;)

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      pierre jefferson <pierrejefferson2007@...> wrote:

             The Power of Love                           
      You can't make somebody happy
      who is happy being dead,
      Almost like a dead man walking
      with a bullet in his head,
      Holding no hope in life except
      the seeds of self-destruction,
      It seems that this type of mindset
      is in rapid mass-production,
      The values that we knew
      are slowly being eaten away,
      Hearing the activities of
      these sleep walkers
      making the news every day,
      But God warn us of these times
      when even His name would be
      removed from public places,
      Leaving signs of despair
      and a Godless stare
      upon unbelievers faces,
      Leaving a vast empty hole
      where the Spirit of Life
      used to dwell,
      Because when you remove God
      you're opening up the doors 
      that will lead you straight to Hell,
      You're opening up wounds
      that Jesus closed
      long long ago,
      For a Godless world is
      like a blood stain pearl
      a world you do not want to know,
      For the Devil loves destruction
      and will keep your mind dead
      to your precious Savior above,
      For the only solution
      to demonic pollution
      is found in the Power of Love. 

      Pierre Andre, 2009 ©
      All Rights Reserved
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