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Re: Poem - Ask God

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  • Heather
    You are most welcome;) I couldn t have said it better! In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com, Pierre wrote: Reply - Thankyou Heather
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 5, 2009
      You are most welcome;) I couldn't have said it better!

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "Pierre" <pierrejefferson2007@...> wrote:

      Reply - Thankyou Heather for your comment! Yes God certainly
      doesn't place one race over another or favors one race more than
      another. I feel race doesnt concern Him because the character
      and soul of a person is His main concern. Sadly many people
      use the Bible to jusify their bigotry concerning certain races -
      even to dehumanizing them. Yes if we lived by Gods standards Now!
      we all could be together in a beautifully Righteous conditions,
      letting people see that most of our problems begin with us and
      live inside of us and no where else. Racism depends on fear and
      ignorance to stay alive.


      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "Heather" <heather21230@> wrote:

      What can I say... bravo! Bravo!!! I LOVE IT;) This is exactly what people need to consider, how GOD feels about things. This is definitely one thing I pride myself on... knowing the Bible (our religion are astute studiers of Gods word). When I'm about to do or say something I know, in my gut, I shouldn't, I always ask myself, "How would God feel if I said/did that?" Another friend once said to me, "Imagine or God, sitting/standing in the room with you, when you're about to do/speak. If they were present, would you do/say it?" I caught myself many times, that way. This is definitely the same idea. God made every living creature... all colors and types. There is not one place in the holy Bible where God says it's against his laws/or principles for people of different ethnicities to have a relationship. If people stopped to think of all the different people in the world and how unique and special it really is, and... that- one day- IF they live by God's standards NOW, on earth- we will all get to be together in PERFECT AND RIGHTEOUS conditions, I know it wouldn't make too many people CHANGE their ways, but maybe it would make them think twice about the ignorance and racism they promote.

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      pierre jefferson <pierrejefferson2007@> wrote:

      Ask GOD

      God saw a interracial couple
      kneeling down to pray,

      He stopped everything He was doing
      to hear what they had to say,

      They asked him with tears
      streaming down their face,

      If it was a sin or violation in His eyes
      to love another race,

      If it was wrong to hold another hand
      that was covered in a different skin,

      O dear God please tell us how to travel
      on a road that we have never been,

      Then God took a deep breath
      and began to tell them how He felt,

      He said if the sun was the same as a snow flake
      then the snow capped mountains could never melt,

      If the trees were the same as the river
      then their roots could never bind,

      Just wandering leaves and branches
      is all that you would find,

      If the rain drop was the same as a cloud
      then its life giving moisture could never fall,

      If the earth was the same as it's gravity
      then it's crushing force would be the end of you all,

      When I created human beings I just
      placed them all into a different space,

      For if you truly look at their basic characteristics
      you'll see that there's no such thing as race,

      There is no such thing as difference
      for all things begin and end with Me,

      When you both look into each others eyes
      its My creative power that you see,

      Then the interracial couple thanked God
      and felt a joy they had never known,

      And celebrated their love like never before
      with all the beautiful images that God had shown.

      Yes every thing is different
      yet there is really no difference at all,

      Just a different line to speak with your Creator
      who is waiting to hear your call.

      Pierre Andre, 2009 ©
      All Rights Reserved
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