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Re: Poem - In memory of Michael Jackson

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  • Heather
    I totally agree;) I was thinking, the other day (since I lost all of my CD s in a move;(), I have to get some more MJ CD s=0 Then, I saw in our local paper
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      I totally agree;) I was thinking, the other day (since I lost all of my CD's in a move;(), I have to get some more MJ CD's=0 Then, I saw in our local paper where someone listed 3 of his older albums for sale (Off the Wall was one- the other 2 were with the Jackson 5), but I sold my record player long ago;( So, I went to run errands today and asked the person in electronics if they had any MJ CD's. "Nope! They're ALL sold out!," he said. I knew I should've gotten them sooner;( So- next week- it's off in search of more MJ CD's;)

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      pierre jefferson <pierrejefferson2007@...> wrote:

      Thank you Heather,
      Michael Jackson was a poem within his self`
      a creative person that loved bringing joy to
      all his fans and even those who we not. He
      never stopped creating or dreaming. Writing
      a poem about him was a honor and a challenge
      because he had so many layers to him and untold
      mysteries that few could begin to understand.

      On Mon, 6/29/09, Heather <heather21230@...> wrote:

      Wow, Pierre! That was absolutely AMAZING!!!
      Not only did you capture Michael, the man, but you
      gave us a glimpse into his childhood, as well. You
      aptly captured his greatness, as well as his confusion.
      Well, WELL DONE=) Heather

      In Generation-Mixed@ yahoogroups. com,
      pierre jefferson <pierrejefferson200 7@...> wrote:


      Michael you can now raise
      your silver glove
      towards the sky,

      Take your last bow
      because the moment is Now
      for even icons have to die,

      The fame of this world is
      only a shelled pearl
      compared to the world
      your soon to be,

      Where creative force
      will find its course
      back to its Creators energy,

      The childhood you never had
      seemed to have made you sad
      as you tried to buy it back,

      Amidst the scorn
      doubt was born
      that you were a constant act,

      But the gifts that you gave
      are deeply engraved
      into the hearts of those
      who knew you best,

      For only God above
      can be your judge
      as you come home
      to take your rest.

      (In Memory of Michael Jackson 1959 - 2009)

      Pierre Andre, Copyright 2009 ©
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