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Mixed-Race Singing Sensation -- 'Keyshia Cole'

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    Listed below are links to popular songs performed by Multi-Racial/Mixed-Race singing sensation -- Ms. Keyshia Cole.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2009

      Listed below are links to popular songs 
      performed by Multi-Racial/Mixed-Race
      singing sensation -- Ms. Keyshia Cole.


      More on Multi-racial / Mixed-Race
      singing sensation -- Ms. Keyshia Cole.


      Keyshia Cole talks Mary J Blige with Essence Magazine

      Singing sensation Keyshia Cole is of a Multi-racial 
      / Mixed-Race Lineage and she is also adopted.

      Ms. Cole's biological mother is a Black woman (named
      Lons) and her biological father was a White 
      of Italian ethnicity (named Sammy "Sal" Johnson, 
      per her birth certificate, and he is 
      now deceased)

      (A picture of Keyshia Cole's biological mother, Frankie Lons)

      Apparently, due to her birth-mother mother having a severe 
      drug problem and her birth-father being deceased, Ms. Cole 
      was removed from the home of her biological family (at the 
      age of 2 or so) and placed into foster care with a Black couple 
      (Dr. Yvonne and Leon Cole) who both adopted her and also 
       encouraged her to utilize her musical talents and gifts.

      (A picture of Keyshia Cole's Adoptive mom, Yvonne Cole)

      Now that she has achieved fame and her birth family has 
      re-entered her life, she also has taken a great number 
      of steps to try to help them become more stablized.

      In addition to trying to help and encourage her biological 
      family and assisting in many charitable caused, Ms. Cole 
      has always also make sure to openly credit her adoptive 
      mother and family with her success and life guidance.

      The TV show 'The View' held an interesting interview with 
      her wherein she discussed the relationship relationship 
      she has with both her adoptive and biological families.



      (A magazine cover picture of Keshia Cole  with her adoptive mom, Yvonne Cole)

      Ms. Cole appears to be a very nice and 
      kind young person -- and she seems 
      to have a great deal of talent as well.

      Ciara Keyshia Cole, Pictures: Keyshia Cole On New Album, Ciara On Obama…




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