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Re: Michael Joseph Jackson dies at the age of 50

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  • Heather
    Thank you, Pierre=) How sweet of you to compliment my honest and heartfelt words, regarding MJ and his life. He was truly one of a kind... never to be
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      Thank you, Pierre=) How sweet of you to compliment my honest and heartfelt words, regarding MJ and his life. He was truly one of a kind... never to be replaced. You couldn't be more right about the media and what they did to him/his life. I also believe that, many of the people closest to Michael also played a devious hand in the whole masacre. As huge and as loved as he was, he needed people around him who understood him, as a person, and who didn't judge him for being the great talent that he was. I'm not so sure that was the case, for him. I'm not sure if you heard or not, but Janet has just come out with a song- a tribute- to Michael, and his life. I found it on Vibe's website, and it is absolutely touching. Just a warning, but... you might need a tissue. It is very touching. Janet, too, is a remarkable human being... a lot like Michael. I think, that's one reason why they were so close. They were A LOT alike. Since Michael's passing, I have heard a lot of rather negative comments regarding him/or his life. It's sad, that... in the midst of such an awful tragedy, there are HATERS and people out there STILL willing to capitalize on the fall of such a wonderful human being. Oh well. The people who love Michael the most KNOW he's "the man," so I suppose it really doesn't matter what the foolish naysayers have to say;) Thanks, again, for your compliments. Heather

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      pierre jefferson <pierrejefferson2007@...> wrote:

      Heather what a wonderful glimpse into the endless touching
      stories that Michael Jackson has left us. His humanity and
      unconditional compassion especially for others less fortunate
      was unquestioned.The girl dying wishing to see him was truly
      the man Michael was! he did,nt let fame and fortune blind him
      to the pain and suffering of others. Sadly his love of children
      would be tarnished by the imperfect minds of those who could,nt
      understand his child like innocents regarding them. Michael never
      had a childhood him self and even tried to buy it back by building
      Never land ranch and other fantasy fun parks for children. The media
      tried to demonize him and turn his love into harm. But God surely
      will not allow his countless contributions and untold gifts to go
      unrecognized. Thank you again for your well written and genuine
      remembrance of this great human being.

      Note> Michael transcended race and color` he was universal): every
      human being who saw the true beauty of his soul wanted to be part
      of him and adored him like a beloved member of their own family.
      The foot print he left may never be filled or duplicated! the music
      industry will never be the same. I feel deep within my heart that
      his spirit will move about humanity like a mighty storm made of LOVE.
      Pierre Andre.

      On Fri, 6/26/09, Heather <heather21230@...> wrote:

      From: Heather <heather21230@...>
      Subject: [Generation-Mixed] Michael
      Joseph Jackson dies at the age of 50
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      Date: Friday, June 26, 2009, 6:04 PM

      I caught wind of this early this morning. My friend (who is a writer, along with myself) had written a piece on this, and I thought she was joking. I didn't realize she was serious. When I knew it was true, I could not believe it. I cried and cried. I grew up in love with Michael... as did many young girls;) My girlfriend and I would rush home, after school, just to catch one of his videos on MTV! That was the highlight of my day, for sure;) I've been a fan of Michael's from middle school, through it all... the Pepsi commercial, where he was burnt; nasty rumors and taunting that Michael was gay; Super Bowl Half-Time show, where he blew us away (nothing new!); more evil lies and rumors that he innapropriately "befriended" little boys; and all of the many, many- TOO MANY TO COUNT!- celebrations, concerts, t.v. shows/specials, movies, music videos, etc. Despite a reported broken family environment, Michael pushed on and drove himself to stardom. He loved from the far reaches of his soul... black, white, asian. latino, multiracial. .. Michael didn't care! He loved us, all=) I recall a girl, my brother went to school with. Very sweet girl, very smart. One day, it was discovered, the girl had a tumor. It turns out, she was dying. It was a horrible tragedy for all who knew the girl. She was asked, by her parents... if she could have anything in the world, what would it be. You know what she said? To meet Michael Jackson!!! The parents really didn't know what to say, because- afterall- there was surely no way Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, would make time to see a little girl from a farm community, in the Midwest. I will only say this: after much discussion and a few, key contacts... not only did Michael agree to meet the girl, but he sent her the most beautiful flowers, with a personalized/ hand-written note, and MJ memorabilia, as well! The girl lived her last days "on Cloud 9," thanks to Michael
      Jackson. Everyone aware of the situation, Michael also touched. That's just what kind of a person Michael was=) There will NEVER be anyone like Michael... a singer, songwriter, businessman, human being. He IS "the MAN!" I love you, Michael and will never, ever forget you=) Much love and prayers to his family, his friends, his fans and the people whose lives he's touched. We have lost an irreplacable, warm-hearted and talented icon. He will surely be missed.

      Heather S.
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