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Re: How are you treated or viewed by monoracials?

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  • Rosanna
    Amen to that! In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com, tmdenmark wrote: I have a bit of a different experience. I m a carmel colored, green-eyed
    Message 1 of 12 , Aug 5, 2008
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      Amen to that!

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "tmdenmark" <tmdenmark@...> wrote:

      I have a bit of a different experience.
      I'm a carmel colored, green-eyed MGM
      (African, Irish, German, English) that has
      had a lifetime of weird (sometimes derogatory)
      comments made toward me over the years.

      Now that I'm darn near 40 years old, some of
      them make me laugh and some of them still make
      me just shake my head in awe at ignorance:

      "Me and you would make cute babies ...with those green eyes."
      "Your dirty. Your skin is dirty." (From a 7 year old white child)
      "Now...you're Cuban, right?"
      "You're different from other Black people."
      "If you marry a a light skinned man, you'll have really cute babies."
      "Don't marry a Black man...your kids will have nappy hair."

      I'm the youngest of 7 and until I went
      to Kindergarden, I was pretty isolated.
      I didn't see anyone but my immediate family until then,
      so it was normal for me to see skin color every
      shade of brown and eye color from beige to blue.
      When I went to kindergarden, I remember coming home to report
      to my mother that "White people aren't white...they're peach!"
      My Mother chuckled and said, "Baby, if you
      want to call them peach, you call them peach."

      During that same age, I girl came to me and asked,
      "Are you mixed?"
      I had NO idea what she meant. No one had ever
      asked that and I'd never heard that phrase before.
      I asked her, "What does that mean?"
      She matter-of-factly said,
      "Yo Momma or Daddy must be white."
      When I said, "No they're not."
      I don't think she quite believed me.

      I can recall as a child, adults fussing over me,
      my skin color, my eye color, my hair, telling
      me they wanted me to be their son's wife.
      I never understood it until I got older.
      To some Black people, I was a "prize", to other's a threat.
      One of my best friend's, friends said to me,
      point blank..."I never liked light skinned sista's
      ...because they always took the Black men!"
      I was like, "Whaa...??" I wanted to say,
      "Don't blame my skin tone for your inadequacies
      or lack of personality."...but I DIDN'T SAY IT!
      Although I wanted to.

      I recall being in a diversity training class 2 years ago.
      Each ethnicity was asked to present themselves.
      It was then that I realized I was the
      only person there of African descent.
      My training colleagues were shocked when the first statement
      I made was, "Not all brown people are of African descent."
      I heard gasps, I heard hushed tones of "Really.", "Wow." etc.
      When I began to share with them my own heritage,
      I could still see a little "shock" on their faces.
      I was comforted in knowing that I educated
      a few people with a little more knowledge.

      When I began to research my family geneology, I found
      the Irish side. I went to an Irish shop in my city.
      ALL things from Ireland. I thought, "Great!"
      When I went into the shop, the shop keeper greated me with nicely.
      When I began to inquire about my ancestry name, our coat of
      arms, the tartan...she seemed to get more and more irritated.
      I wasn't sure if it was because of my
      questions or me, so I just left the shop.
      My biggest disappointment is having a heritage
      I don't feel comfortable celebrating.
      Black people don't believe me ... and the Irish don't receive me.

      So...I'm content enough in who God created me to be
      that the small people and small minds don't bother me. :-D

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      Micah <micahusa@> wrote:

      Hi everybody! I'm Micah

      I wanted to ask some questions.

      How are you viewed by monoracials?

      How to you feel others view you? For example, if you are a mix of
      Black and White, how do they react to you when they discover your
      background? Do you feel accepted, rejected, or do you feel that you
      are treated with indifference?

      As for me, I'm Asian, Polynesian, African, and European. Some
      people get confused, because they don't know my background. Most
      people can usually tell what I am, and most just assume full
      Polynesian, so they treat me accordingly. They say, "Oh yeah, you do
      look like whatever The Rock is." LOL. I've had a lot of Asians ask
      if I were mixed with Asian and they were very accepting, but they
      were the younger ones. What I find weird is how some of the older
      Asians act towards me, sometimes. I get all the stares, that clearly
      let me know that they are baffled, lol. Especially when I was in
      this Korean market the other day buying black bean paste to make
      Jjajang myun (black bean noodles). The older man who was helping
      didn't seem phased at how eloquently I pronounced "jjajang myun",
      lol. He just said, Oh okay!" But then he just started staring
      like he was trying to put together a puzzle. Perplexed!

      Well all know what they are probably thinking while they are
      staring. The age old question, "What is he?".

      The same thing happened at my old job. There was an older (70's)
      Asian guy there who would just stare and make comments like, "You
      are a handsome young man". He would also ask where I was from almost
      every single day, but I always replied with "Florida", lol. But he
      was curious so, instead of just staring everyday, he pulls me aside
      and says "You’re mixed with either Korean, Japanese, or Chinese,
      aren’t you?" I told him my background, then from that day on he told
      me to never marry a Black, White, or Latino person. I was pretty
      shocked at his bluntness, but respected his honest opinion at the
      same time.

      He said that he could tell that my roots were Asian and that I
      needed to marry an Asian person. How?....I don't know. Later on, he
      even went on to say that he was going to arrange a marriage for me
      to a Korean girl, lol. He said that it was okay for me to "date"
      others, but not to marry or have kids with anyone other than an
      Asian, LOL.

      Also that are babies would be beautiful. Don't get me wrong, he is
      an awesome guy, but is just blunt and to the point with his views
      and opinions. I do know that you a lot of older Asian people believe
      in pureness of race, so he really surprised me.

      Even my aunt had a sit down with me, last year, about who I should
      marry. I'm not sure why, lol. She told me that I should marry either
      a Polynesian or Asian and never an American (white or black). I am
      guessing that they just think we will mix better, culturally?

      That showed me how they viewed me in a sense, but everybody¢s
      perception of you is not going to be the same. Someone else could
      say that I should only marry a Black person, etc etc.

      I¢m curious to know about your experiences! Thanks for reading!
      Hope no one was offended by my email.


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