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The Mixed-Race 'Sawyer-Lett-Roberts-Scott' Family

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    The Sawyer-Lett-Roberts-Scott Family Sarah Roberts-Scott-Sawyer (1820 - 1894) (Cherokee Indian) Armintha Lett-Sawyer (1857-1941) Bottom-Left: Armintha
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 4, 2008

      The 'Sawyer-Lett-Roberts-Scott' Family

      Sarah Roberts-Scott-Sawyer

      (1820 - 1894) (Cherokee Indian)

      Armintha Lett-Sawyer (1857-1941)

      Bottom-Left:  Armintha Lett-Sawyer

      (Jan 1, 1857-Oct 17, 1941)

      Vivian (Sawyer) Cross (Jul 1899 - Sep 21, 1933)

      James Sawyer (Father - Oct 20, 1859-Jun 7, 1939)

      Top-Left:  Myrtle (Sawyer) Worix

      (Dec 30, 1890 - April 5, 1957)

      Stanley K. Sawyer (Aug 25, 1886 - April 10, 1964)

      Letta (Sawyer) Manning (Sep 3, 1882 - Feb 4, 1940)

       Picture taken in 1903.


      Letta Sawyer, James K. Sawyer 

      Armintha Lett-Sawyer, Stanley Sawyer


      James K. Sawyer, son of William Sawyer and Sarah (Roberts-Scott)
      Sawyer, was born October 20, 1859, in Randolph County Indiana. 

      James married Armintha Lett on December 22, 1878 in Van Buren County, MI. 

      Armintha was a daughter of Aquilla Lett and Sarah Jane
      (Caliman) Lett born January 1, 1857, in Muskingum County, Ohio. 

      James and Armintha and family lived in South Haven, Fenwick and
      Hubbardston prior to their final move to Rolland Township in 1917. 

      James died in 1939.  Armintha died in 1941, both at their home. 


      They are buried in Pine River Cemetery, Blanchard, MI. 

      Their children were: 
      Verna, Emmet, Letta, Stanley,
      Myrtle, Ralph, Leslie and Vivian. 

      Verna, Emmet and Leslie died at a young age. 

      Letta (1882 - 1940) married John Manning (1873 - 1937). 

      Both are buried in the Baptist-Catholic Cemetery,
      Hubbardston, Ionia County, MI.  Stanley (1886 - 1964)
      married Wealthy Belle Guy (1898-1997) in 1920. 

      Both are buried in Pine River Cemetery, Blanchard, MI.  Myrtle
      (1890 - 1967) married William Harry Worix (1886 - 1955). 

      Both are buried in Pine River Cemetery, Blanchard, MI. 
      Ralph (1894 - 1967) is buried in Long Island, NY. 

      Vivian (1899 - 1933) married Bartlett Cross. 
      Both are buried in Pine River Cemetery, Blanchard, MI.


      Front:  Aquilla & Sarah Jane

      (Caliman) Lett

      Back:  Armintha Lett-Sawyer, William Elsworth,

      & Stanley Lett

      Sarah (Roberts-Scott) Sawyer (1820 - 1894) Wife of William Sawyer mother of James Sawyer, Grandmother of Stanley Sawyer

      Sawyer Family

      Letta (Sawyer) Manning, Myrtle (Sawyer) Worix, Stanley Sawyer


      Myrtle Sawyer-Worix

      The Sawyer Family Home, a large mansion type was
      built in 1874 by an Englishman, William Beckley. 

      The home was occupied by three generations
      of Sawyer families for over 75 years. 

      In 1917 James and Armintha purchased the
      home when they moved from Van Buren County. 

      In 1936, Stanley and Wealthy moved into the home
      where they reared their family of seven children: 
      Lyle, Worthy, Donna, Ione, Max, Peggy and Robert. 

      The children attended nearby Oberlin
      Grade School and Blanchard High School.

      Aquilla Lett

      (Jan 12, 1829 - Feb 20, 1902)

      Stanley Sawyer

      WWI - 1918

      Wealthy (Guy) Sawyer


      Vivian (Sawyer) Cross

       Daughter of James K. Sawyer

      Wealthy (Guy) Sawyer

      Wife of Stanley Sawyer


      Front:  Robert, Peggy, Ione,

      Back:  Max, Worothy, Lyle, Donna Sawyer


      James K. & Armintha (Lett) Sawyer

      shown with grandchildren:

      Baby Max, James Welcome Manning,

      Lyle, Worothy & Donna Sawyer,

      Rowena Manning, Ione Sawyer


      SOURCE: http://www.oldsettlersreunion.com/James%20Sawyer.htm
      Family History & Photographs Courtesy of Peggy (Sawyer) Williams 

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