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Spotlight on: 'Dr. James Cameron' & 'America's Black Holocaust Museum'

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    Dr. James Cameron -- founder of America s Black Holocaust Museum Dr. James Cameron was the founder of America s Black Holocaust Museum -- which is located in
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 4, 2008

      Dr. James Cameron 

      -- founder of America's

      Black Holocaust Museum

      Dr. James Cameron was the founder of
      America's Black Holocaust Museum
      -- which is located in Milwaukee, WI.

      Dr. Cameron was also the author of the book
      A Time of Terror, which is an autobiography of
      Cameron's personal ordeal with racism at the
      hands of a Ku Klux Klan organized lynch mob.

      In August, 1930, when Cameron was 16
      years old, he and two teenage friends
      were falsely-accused of the murder
      of a young White man in Marion, IN. 

      As a result, Cameron and his two friends were 
      subjected to a brutal beating and lynching by a mob
      of 15,000 at the Grant County Courthouse Square.

      Cameron witnessed the deaths of his
      friends, but, miraculously, somehow young
      Cameron survived the attempted lynching. 

      Yet, because of the criminal 'charges' against him,
      he was 'immediately sentenced and served time
      in a state prison' before his "parole" four years later.

      Ironically, no one was ever accused, arrested or
      charged with the murders of Cameron's teenage
      friends, nor for the severe beating Cameron suffered.

      Because of his personal experience, Cameron has dedicated
      his life to promoting civil rights, racial unity and equality.
      His commitment is evidenced by his founding the first chapters
      of the NAACP in Indiana during the 1940s—a time in which the
      State of Indiana was notes as the Ku Klux Klan capital of America.
      Cameron went on to establish and become the first president
      of the NAACP Madison County Branch in Anderson, IN.

      Additionally, Cameron also served as the Indiana
      State Director of Civil Liberties from 1942—1950.
      In this capacity, Cameron reported to the Governor
      of Indiana, violations of the "equal accommodations"
      laws to end previously mandated-segregation.
      During his eight-year tenure, Cameron investigated
      over 25 incidents of civil rights infractions and faced
      many acts of violence and death threats for his work.

      His civil rights work in Indiana provoked repeated
      threats of violence against him and his family.
      By the early 1950s, the continual emotional toll
      caused by these threats prompted Cameron to
      search for a safer home for his wife and children.
      He decided to relocate to Wisconsin.
      In Wisconsin, Cameron continued his work in civil
      rights by assisting in protests to end the system
      of segregated housing in the city of Milwaukee. 

      At the national level, Cameron participated in both marches
      on Washington in the 1960s, the first with Dr. Martin Luther
      King, Jr., and the second with Dr. King's widow Coretta.

      From 1955 to 1989, Cameron published literally hundreds
      of articles and booklets detailing civil rights and occurrences
      of racial injustices, including What is Equality in American Life?;
      The Lingering Problem of Reconstruction in American Life:
      Black Suffrage
      ; and The Second Civil Rights Bill.

      Cameron founded America's Black Holocaust Museum in 1988
      to document the injustices suffered by the people -- who were
      of any part African heritage -- within the United States.

      His inspiration is now one of the largest musuem with a
      primary focus on the
      African-American Ethnic grouping 
      in the country and receives over 50,000 annual visitors.

      Dr. James Cameron passed away
      June 11, 2006 at the age of 92.

      His mission and vision --  of an America that
      is free of the evils of racism -- will continue on.

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