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MGM-Mixed Celebrity: 'Paul Satterfield'

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    Mixed-Race Celebrity: Paul Satterfield [Paul Satterfield, in a still from the opening sequence of One Life to Live.]
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      Mixed-Race Celebrity: 'Paul Satterfield'

      Paul Satterfield, in a still from the opening sequence of One Life to Live.

      Paul Satterfield 
      (born 1960 in  Nashville, Tennesee) is
      a Mixed-Race American actor of whose lineage includes that
      of being 1/4 Amerindian (Cherokee tribe) ancestral lineage.

      Satterfield began his credited career
      with roles in films and television shows .

      He later went on in 1991 to originate the role of
      Paul Hornsby on the ABC daytime serial 'General
      Hospital' -- a part he portrayed until 1994.

      He then starred along Jennifer Lopez in the
      short-lived television series, 'Hotel Malibu'.

      After numerous appearances of the big and small screens,
      Satterfield returned to soap operas portraying Dr. Pierce
      Peterson on the 'Boal and the Beautiful' from 1998 to 1999.

      Satterfield then went on to portray the role of
      Dr. Spencer Truman on the ABC daytime serial 
      'One Life to Live' (a role he originated in June 2005).

      Paul is the nephew of the singer Rita Coolidge.

      Paul's sister, Laura, is a member of
      the Cherokee singing group `
      She sings with both her aunt
      Rita Coolidge
      and her mother, Priscilla Coolidge-Jones.

      Paul has also worked as a back-up
      singer on some of his aunt's albums.

      Walela members: Rita Coolidge; Laura Satterfield; Priscilla Coolidge-Satterfield-Jones

      Rita Coolidge, Laura Satterfield, and Priscilla Coolidge - WALELA
      Walela members: Rita Coolidge; Laura Satterfield
      (with dyed hair); Priscilla Coolidge-Satterfield-Jones

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      Walela: Cherokee Sisters Sing Their Way to Stardom

      Information Source: 

      Note of Interest:
      After her marriage to Paul's father ended, Paul's mother,
      Priscilla Coolidge, later married black musician 'Booker
      T. Jones' (of the 1960's jazz hit 'Green Onions' fame)

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