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  • Jennifer Williams
    Take a guess. I m in Mississippi. We claim we have southern hospitality . Maybe, but I haven t experienced it and I m 32 and I ve been all over Mississippi. I
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      Take a guess. I'm in Mississippi.
      We claim we have "southern hospitality".
      Maybe, but I haven't experienced it and
      I'm 32 and I've been all over Mississippi.
      I would really like to move NOW and I'm getting
      my home ready to sell. Yes!!! I can't wait!
      I love the weather here but the attitudes
      are so funky, so much old money and old ways.

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      I totally agree with you.
      Particularly if a person is an adult, that person does not
      have to be around people who are constantly judging her.
      I pick and choose my friends. If I feel a person is constantly
      judging me or making remarks, I stay away from them, even if it
      is family. As an adult, none of us have to deal with foolishness.
      I'm Mixed and just turned 39 and I myself don't have time to deal
      with stupidity from people. I thank God that where I live is so
      diverse: whether they are white, black (light and dark skinned),
      mixed, hispanic, native american. I have friends from so many
      different races. Race is never an issue or some huge topic.
      I pray that she finds people who will cherish the person she
      is and people who don't get so hung up on meaningless issues.
      Those people who are harrassing her, shame on them. I'm
      not really sure the older white woman is good for her either.
      I would suggest joining some clubs, classes or
      something like that not just to meet other people,
      but to put your mind on something else.
      I think website's like these are good too.
      There's a lot of people here with good advice.
      May I ask what state the originator of this topic lives?


      Jacqueline Jones-Ford <jaanjoford@yahoo. com> wrote:

      I'm sorry to hear about all the
      trouble you have been having.

      I too,have a Mixed-Race background and
      have had to face simular situations.

      I've found far more acceptance in the white
      community than I have in the black, who regard
      me as not being "Black enough", what ever that is.

      The people who are important to me are
      those who deal with me as an individual,
      not as a member of some group.

      They are "my people".

      There is no use wasting your time trying
      to get acceptance from people who will
      not love and respect you for what you
      are and not some abstract catagory.

      These are "your people".

      It won't aways be easy, but in the final judgement,
      you must love and respect yourself and not put
      yourself in situations where people will misuse and
      abuse you because you are not adhering to their fantasy.

      Good Luck and God Bless You.

      "likea.kite" <likea.kite@yahoo. com> wrote:

      A quick background.

      I'm African-American. I have a Mixed
      background of Black, White and Indian '...

      The last names I'm familiar with on my
      mom's side are Cummings and Sallis (Salis).
      My maiden name is Jamerson, from my father who
      as I'm aware of, is not "Mixed" but most people
      think he's "some type of Mexican" or the like.

      Here's the real issue for me.

      I have a problem with certain
      "black" people, 'my people'.
      I have problems relating
      to them on many levels.

      From experience, 'my own people' treated
      me like crap and continue to do so
      not only because I'm light-skinned but
      mainly because I'm quiet most of the time.

      They assume I was brought
      up in a guarded family.


      I grew up with '...
      teachers hating on me, '...
      girls hating on me because
      their boyfriends liked me, etc.

      I must say this really made me dislike
      'my people', including family members.

      I've been to so many different places
      and it's like carbon copies of the
      same type of people I grew up around.
      It's always the same no matter where I go.
      It's disappointing.

      My family and I moved away to a mainly a
      White town and I thought things would be
      different with 'my people' ... it's not.

      I've been hanging around an older White
      woman who I know is prejudice in a way
      but it's sad I'd rather be around
      her than 'my own people' '...

      They make sure to let me know
      they don't appreciate the type
      of person I am ... not like them.

      It bothers me and used to
      weigh heavily on my mind.

      Now I just avoid them
      as much as possible.

      So can anyone tell me how to deal.

      How do I handle the situation
      because though I am 32, I don't
      mind '... , young and old alike.

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