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Re: [Generation-Mixed] Totally Mixed-Up

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  • Tyrone Anderson
    Yes you said it. As a man thinks in is heart so is he People project their mindset onto others And everyone of every ethnic group or social economic background
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 14, 2008
      Yes you said it.

        As a man thinks in is heart so is he

        People project their mindset onto others

        And everyone of every ethnic group
      or social economic background does it

        My cousin Cynthia light complexioned long brown
      wavy hair used to get bullied for the same thing:
      "You think your cute", "you think your this and that"

        The problem was the girl who was against her was insecure
      because the care and love she perceived Cynthia receiving
      from her family (it showed in Cynthias manners and dress)
      She did not get from her family.
        The bully (Porshia) was also light complexioned and green eyed.

        I get called a Prep or Preppie at work by some of the guys
      I work with, the guy who calls me that is actually cool but
      insecure and keeps me at a distance with comments like that
      because he has a lower self esteem and knows I carry myself right.

        So he projects his ideas of me.

        He thinks I wouldn't hang out with him because "preppy"
      "Look at they way you dress you dress better than us etc
      etc" not realizing that what I had on I just grabbed out of
      a pile or maybe even wore the same jeans from the day before.

        By the way he is 1/2 Mohawk 1/2 Italian

      Donna Gant <nowgypsy@...> wrote:
      This sounds like my life story.
      Take it from me, it has nothing to do with you.
      When they say things like "you think you're are better" 
      What they really mean is "they think you are better"
      After feeling bad about it for many years I finally toughened up.
      Don't let it get you down, show them how confident you are
      in your skin and realize it is they're problem not yours.
      "likea.kite" <likea.kite@yahoo. com> wrote:

      A quick background.

      I'm African-American. I have a Mixed
      background of Black, White and Indian '...

      The last names I'm familiar with on my
      mom's side are Cummings and Sallis (Salis).
      My maiden name is Jamerson, from my father who
      as I'm aware of, is not "Mixed" but most people
      think he's "some type of Mexican" or the like.

      Here's the real issue for me.

      I have a problem with certain
      "black" people, 'my people'.
      I have problems relating
      to them on many levels.

      From experience, 'my own people' treated
      me like crap and continue to do so
      not only because I'm light-skinned but
      mainly because I'm quiet most of the time.

      They assume I was brought
      up in a guarded family.


      I grew up with '...
      teachers hating on me, '...
      girls hating on me because
      their boyfriends liked me, etc.

      I must say this really made me dislike
      'my people', including family members.

      I've been to so many different places
      and it's like carbon copies of the
      same type of people I grew up around.
      It's always the same no matter where I go.
      It's disappointing.

      My family and I moved away to a mainly a
      White town and I thought things would be
      different with 'my people' ... it's not.

      I've been hanging around an older White
      woman who I know is prejudice in a way
      but it's sad I'd rather be around
      her than 'my own people' '...

      They make sure to let me know
      they don't appreciate the type
      of person I am ... not like them.

      It bothers me and used to
      weigh heavily on my mind.

      Now I just avoid them
      as much as possible.

      So can anyone tell me how to deal.

      How do I handle the situation
      because though I am 32, I don't
      mind '... , young and old alike.


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