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Re: My Piece in 'Just Like A Girl' Anthology

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    Rosanna wrote: One of my short fiction pieces is included in the wonderful multicultural collection of women s voices known as Just
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 3, 2008

      "Rosanna" <rosanna_armendariz@...> wrote:

      One of my short fiction pieces is included
       in the wonderful multicultural collection
      of women's voices known as Just Like A Girl.

      Please check out the anthology, and order your copy today.



      That's Great Rosanna -- Congratulations !!

      company name

      Just Like a Girl: A Manifesta

      Contributing Authors:

      Rosanna Armendariz grew up in Brooklyn, New York and
      now lives in the U.S./Mexico border region where she
      attended the University of Texas at El Paso and earned
      a BA in sociology and an MFA in creative writing.

      Rosanna has participated in the Callaloo creative
      writing workshop at Texas A&M University and
      her fiction has appeared in Callaloo Journal.

      Her short stories have also been included in
      Bryant Literary Review, and Moon Journal.

      Her poetry has appeared in the anthology of
      Poetic Voices without Borders, BorderSenses
      magazine, Illya's Hnoey, and Thorny Locust.

      Rosanna's chapbook, Brooklyn Smoker,
      is available through Musclehead Press.


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